After we retrieved another notebook a big live event happened.

On 6th December 8 pm EST Alexander scheduled an AC event announced by Twitter:

It appears that Aeternus Center employees will be playing Terminus tomorrow at 8 PM EST.

Unfortunately there isn't space for recruits and contractors. We'll work on having alternative opportunities in the future. Hopefully, you have other things to occupy your time.

Oakley wanted to use this opportunity to break into the warehouse and retrieve Elliot's Black Box. He invited us to help:

Good to hear, the notebook will be crucial for heading into the warehouse.
It's probably not useful by itself, but hopefully will help answer things as I venture inside.
Are you likely to be online around the time(s) when the Center may be distracted by Terminus?

The live event

Oakley installed a os-backchannel on the parley discord server (https://discord.com/channels/783917304474763314/784176176087695380)
which was used to communicate while Oakley checks out the warehouse:


//not all messages are posted here, only the important OS messages

Welcome. In a few moments, I'll be heading towards the PLACEBOS warehouse to recover Elliot's Black Box.
Can you all see this?

I believe this channel should be set up so that you don't need to worry about Aeternus Center or other organization members from listening in, so feel free to use it to coordinate and plan.

I'll be listening in #os-comms if you urgently need to tell me something, depending on the situation I may not have time to read all the messages sent here as I make my way in. I'll be muted for most of the recovery effort, keeping quiet in case of guards or cameras recording audio.

If there's not too much traffic or I'm not in a critical situation I will try to keep up with the text channel, but yes feel free to use the voice channel to tell me how to progress if we encounter obstacles.
Now, I believe Starling (remark: our Boston Asset) recently recovered some notes that may be useful for entering the warehouse.

Entering maintenance tunnels

At the moment, I'm at a parking lot across the way. The warehouse is surrounded by chain links fence with "electricity" signs scattered around. On the southeast corner of the compound is a gate with a guard shack next to it, I think there's someone inside.
Now if these were normal times, I could go in, show PLACEBOS credentials and hopefully be let in, but I'm not sure how much oversight Alex has over the compound and whether Alex would be alerted if I did that.
Thoughts on how I should enter?

We hinted him towards the Northeast corner where we could see MT (=Maintanance Tunnel)

There's a small fenced off area here, that has been left unchained. Inside I see a few manholes in the ground labeled MT12, MT14, MT16, and MT18. There's also some sort of electric junction box.

We sent him down MT12 (based on a hint on a notebook page - look below "digital lock")

There's a ladder leading down, following the tunnel a bit, there's another junction box labeled "Camera Mains Power" and then about 10 feet down is a gate blocking access further south. There's a 4 digit combination lock on it.
I haven't seen anyone other than the guard.

Camera Mains Power

Opening the box, there's a 3 by 3 grid, the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right lights are labeled "Outside", all but the center button are glowing green. The center button is off.

This graphic in the notebook led us to the solution. Pressing a button will toggle this button and all adjacent ones. To disable all cameras the right order of pressing buttons is: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 7, 4

That seems to have turned all the lights off.

The 4 digit lock

Its a four digit code, from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. The font looks like that of a digit clock.
Eight segment display?
Err, maybe seven segment. I don't recall.

That's weird trying to turn the digits on the combination lock, it appears that the first digit is stuck at "7".

The notebook gave us this hint:
assuming this are the non-glowing elements leads to this number:

we did not solve this correctly but guessed "FEII" could mean 7311 - which was accepted as correct (whether due to error by PM or due to time pressure)

That seems to have done it, the gate is unlocked.

The reception

Okay, climbing out the other end, I'm inside the fence.

Proceeding around towards the front of the building carefully.
Okay, I'm in to the reception area.
Unfortunately the door into the warehouse from here is locked.

There's a computer here, though its password protected, and a bunch of pictures.

The password (unsolved)

Pictures I see, one of him dressed in a white lab coat with another person in a orange vest in front of a movie theater, one of a large german shephard running around, one of a weird y shaped thing, there's a few more.

We assumed that drawing to be hinting towards the password (collar = dog's name, car, 1985)

we got additional info (asking the right questions and trying things)

The dog is named "River".

There's also a framed signed autograph of Michael J Fox.

Doesn't work. The password hint pops up again, though now also says "Favorite Movie?"

I can make out part of the marquee, something about "Back …"

all hints towards the movie "Back to the future" and DeLorean as car, but unfortunately "RiverDMCDeLorean1985" and other versions did not work.
We gave up

The brick entrance

we got some other information while Oakley looked around the reception and near rooms:

Heading down the hallway, there's a few rooms here.

In the office, there's a bunch of documents, but at the top is a note that they need to "submit maintenance request for back wall", there's also 4 symbols doodled on it, a circle, an oval, a triangle, and a square. There also appears to be a partially open vent in the ceiling, like they were doing maintenance.

In the computer room there's another locked computer, there's a post-it on top reading "THELORDFINGSABCJKMPQUVWXYZ".

In the records room, there's a bunch of documents. I can look through some of them if you think it would help.

The break room has some snacks and coffee cups.

The toilet is clogged…
And there's a kind of waterlogged copy of the book "The Nightmare Stacks" in one corner of the toilet.

from the notepads we found "words" (see another notebook for images)
circle = punch
oval = cracked
triangle = brown
square = brick

which led to the backdoor in the back wall ;-)

I think when I was coming up out of the tunnels, part of the back of the building was made of brick.
Sounds like it might hurt, but I could head back outside and around and try doing that.

Will do, give me a moment.
Ouuuch. That hurt, but I'm in.

Off to my right is a vault and laboratory.

Otherwise, there are rows upon rows of crates. Not sure where to start looking.

Maybe trying to find patterns in how things are organized. There's a cart with some items and 'record numbers', which maybe I can look up in the records room.
That's weird, there's a letter labeled "To: Oakley" here…
Not sure if I want to open it?
Thoughts on what to do next?

The forklift

First, we used this image and asked if there is a forklift

Yes, there's one near the receiving area. Though it needs a key.

checking the rear wheel

Found a key there.
Okay, forklift is working, so I can pick up and remove a crate from a shelf if I knew what the right one was.

The letter and the crate codes

Also was too curious, so opened the letter. It is unhelpful: "Chain the letters to find the record number, start from a CLOAKBOX."

On the crates are identification numbers, a combination of letters and numbers.
They appear to be roughly ordered.

Looking through the items on the cart, it appears they've been partially labeled, but the identification code hasn't been written in yet.
"Gamma Site Tapes" has 6 blanks.
"Arecibo Recording" has 4 blanks.
"Mu Crystal" has 4 blanks.
"Progenitor Experiment Results" has 6 blanks.

We also found the following codes in the another notebook:
AES545, UG27, OG27, UL27, RTS 10107
Theoretically, we could have solved this from here, but time was running out and the PMs gave us some more hints ;-)

Interesting, looking up those identification codes, they've been labeled "for analysis", the titles are:

"AES545" is "Gamma Site Tapes", "UL27" is "Mu Crystal", "OG79" is "Arecibo Recording", "RTS10107" is "Progenitor Experiment Results".
Now if only we had a way to go the other way from "EB's Black Box" or "Elliot's Black Box" or "Explorers Bifurcus Black Box" to an identification code, we'd be set.

So now we found the pattern:

Taking the last letters of the content plus adding the number of letters gave us the identification code:

"Gamma Site Tapes": AES545
"Arecibo Recording": OG79
"Mu Crystal": UL27
"Progenitor Experiment Results": RTS10107

the Black Box

Which let to identification code for
"Explorers Bifurcus Black Bo*x": SSKX9853

which led to the right box

Okay, there's a document here. Its for the black box, unfortunately, it doesn't contain any information other than its location.
Heading towards it to get it.

Ugh, too heavy to move on my own and don't have something to open it, luckily with the forklift running I should be able to grab it.

I've played a bit of Forklift Simulator 2019.
Okay, got it down, opening it.
YES. Got Elliot's Black Box.

opening it with the EBs journal code Explore the limits

Far too many journals and a map filled with scribbles and undecipherable markings.

The end

So Oakley found the Black Box in time to make it to the [Parley 2]] conference

I'll be watching this channel, but won't be able to respond during the meeting if you have any context to provide during it.
Okay, made it to the tunnel.

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