We got this Record ID: "TOWERMEETINGLOG03"

Tower Meeting (Unknown Date)


Last Update: Oct. 10, 1990, midnight
Filed by: ???

Meeting Summary:

EK: Expresses disagreement about uploading the Tower to the AE.
AC: Chance for the timeline to fall behind.
EK: Expresses concern about the unknown portions of the Tower scan.
AC: Is a physical structure, it is unlikely to contain anything the simulation can't rectify.
EK: At least avoid the foundation until we can figure out why there's a large data stream in the scan.
AC: We'll set the Magician to examine it for issues.
EK: That's like trusting a wolf to guard the sheep…
EK: I express extreme disagreement with this course.


EK = Erol Klarson
AC = Alexander Clark
Magician = ? might be magus

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