Tim Malor

General Information

Name: Tim Malor

Pronouns: he/him

Aliases: TMalor90, Immortal, "Inexperienced Lost Immortal Spirit"

Affiliations: Aeternus Center, Taskforce Earth

Email: moc.liamg|09rolamt#moc.liamg|09rolamt

Status: Alive


Tim was recruited by Aeternus back in August 2020, and has read some documents that have us concerned. He wants our help figuring things out. According to Oakley Smith, Alexander Clark "seems to believe he's less reliable in terms of decision making and leading".


Tim's puzzles

Per information from Spire (17Mar2021):

The Immortal is apparently some sort of anomaly that was discovered and has been monitored, theorized to be functionally immortal, though it was only recently that the extent of the immortality has been discovered.

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