The Watcher

General Information

Name: Unknown

Pronouns: Unknown

Aliases: Unknown

Affiliations: The Seekers

Email: Unknown

Status: Active?


“Watcher” first mentioned 9/05/19, part of The Door ARG, it was one of four factions the players were able to join. Travellers, Arcanum, Institute, Watchers.

Arcanum - Physical Location and figuring out Artifacts.
Institute - Puzzles and unlocking the Box.
Watchers - Story and aiding explorers.
Travelers - Mixed and exploring the Door.

2/09/21 Starling - “the opposite of a watcher (language-wise) would be a participant/player”

02/27/21 Aeternus Center Twitter - “Once upon a time, the Emperor fell and went away. The Snow bound orb drew the watcher's gaze. From the pieces left, the guards did stray. The Vacillated frees. The Door left open, the mind unleashed. Success, Danger, left untouched.”

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