the shatter

The very first mention of the Shatter came from magus via an email on November 12, 2020 asking:

"To what extent are you familiar with Aeternus, the Tower, or the Shatter?"

The second mention came from Oakley, during the December 6, 2020 finale event:

"all signs point to the shatter remaining inactive"

And then an email from Spencer Klars came on December 12, 2020, regarding the signals/codes being received in the Nihil Agency puzzles:

"Don't believe everything that Livingston is telling you. These signals aren't coming from the moon reflectors, they're coming from a point in space farther out than the moon, from a sector of space that doesn't have anything man-made that would be able to reflect back a signal from our planet. There's something bigger going on, something unknown. The code name for the signal origin is "Shatter", though I'm not sure if that's something named by the Agency, or if something in the transmissions caused them to choose that name. Keep in touch, I'm hoping to find out more."

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