The Park Box

in the Boston Drop event we found a box.

It contained:

  • Three copies of the ID Record letter
  • A letter from hunter (with a date from the future!)

Date: 10/20/2021 Property of Aeternus Center
Subject: Hunter's Bait
(Note: Keep this document off the internal network and away from known Seekers)
Hopefully this time we can avoid any deaths. Once the Hunter makes contact, the assets should begin playing the game until the stage where the Hunter asks for a method to avoid their mission being disrupted.
We'll submit the request to the Prediction Engine, and then alter the response to act as a trap for the Hunter. Hopefully the assets will be able to arrange things such that the Hunter uses the predicted results for the first attempted murder, and we'll be able to catch them at that attempt.
In case that fails, the assets should also get the Hunter to attempt the murders in an order that maximized chances for the Hunter's failures. Aeternus Center assets, Obscurum Space assets, others.
We narrowly avoided destruction this past year and it's unclear when the Seekers will strike again, so this may be our final opportunity to act.
Good Luck,

It tells us that we should not send the answer to Oakley

Date: 11/30/2020 Property of Aeternus Center
Subject: Operation Morphic
Hopefully these documents have reached you successfully. This is attempt 17 to translate objects across Operation Morphic. Based on the recovery of a nearly identical group of items, we believe that this attempt will succeed.
Included are our copies of the objects we received in attempt 17:

We've confirmed that the received instances are identical as the ones we are sending, though have been unable to recover the key in EB's Journal. If you are able to recover the key, do not send it via Morphic, as prior recursions have been intercepted by O.S. and it is imperative Alex gets the key and information before Oakley.

We'll use the data in the Failsafe Drive to encrypt future sensitive communications.

Good Luck,
Another You

  • A Flashdrive
    • center.dat (not uploaded here) — see also Letters
  • EBs Journal
    • containing a key we should give Alex and not Oakley ?!?
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