The Fourth Tower

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This is part of the Simulation Interlude Alpha.

  • code for computer: FMTC —>
  • node from computer:

FMTC - Difficult, they're unlikely to get it, though maybe they'll have luck crowdsourcing. Activate the avatar to accept the first parts at least.

Step into the void

You do so.

Your mind is filled with images of lines and loops and loops and grids.

You focus on a final solution, an answer to a question.


The Tower shakes.

Close by, you hear the wolf howl, marking an ending.

Farther away, the snow falls, marking a beginning.

Even farther away, the passage of time is marked by worm pink flower.

We finished the Fourth Tower Loop Puzzle. Since this puzzle was created by a third-party we will not include any spoilers for it here. (It's a very impressive puzzle that took multiple people a week to solve.)

Submit the solution

Is that your final answer?

Yup thats it

Above where is the key fragment?

(question omitted to avoid puzzle spoilers)

Evaluating Results…

Success Criteria: 50%
Confirming Solution: 100% +/- 5%
Updating probability distributions.
Baking congratulatory cake…

(answer omitted to avoid puzzle spoilers)

The space around you clears out and you see clouds floating down beneath you.

In front of you lies a key fragment.

Having all four key fragments - we were ready for the Finale of Simulation Interlude Alpha

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