The First Tower

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This is part of the Simulation Interlude Alpha

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Look around

Looking around, you see that the tower is roughly circular.
Looking through the slightly ajar door, you can make out an entry hallway, with a door at the far end and on the left and right sides.

Enter and look at doors

You enter the tower, the entry hallway looks like a fairly normal entry hallway, there is nothing unexpected on the doors.
You do notice that the flowers on the two tables on the northwest and northeast corners of the room do appear to be dead.
The two benches on the south side of the room are also quite dusty.

Try opening Doors

You begin methodically opening the doors. the one to the north opens to reveal another heavy metal door 5 feet in front of it.
The one to the west opens to reveal a hallway that goes forward about 10 feet before turning right, though there's also a door to the left.
The one to the east goes forward 10 feet before turning left, though you see a door at the far end before the hallway turns.
As you are opening the doors, you hear a high-pitched sound from the northeast, almost as if someone has left the area through some sort of transportation device.

Look towards noise and inspect inventory

Stepping into the east hallway, you see that after turning it continues down about 50 feet before turning left again. There's a door on the left wall about 10 feet down, another on the right wall about 25 feet down, and one at the far end of the hallway on the north wall.
You think the noise came from beyond the door on the right wall.
Your inventory is empty.

Try opening right door

Opening the door, you find a large 15 by 35 foot room. On the east side there are a number of small bookshelves. On the south side is a large device projecting what appears to be a map of some sort. To the north is a door, along with a small desk and computer right to the east of it.

Examine map

The map appears to be a holographic projection of the world. Every so often it pulses, however nothing out of the ordinary appears on the map.

Examine computer

The computer requires a passcode to use, but is otherwise a normal looking device.

Examine bookshelves

The bookshelves are filled with books, mostly atlases and maps, but some describing the various cultures spread across the world. The books are well-worn.

Look if any book seems important

One book seems to have been heavily used and contains maps of various buildings. It may come in useful if you come across one of those buildings.

Take book

You do so.

Ask yourself, Who am I?

You are an explorer attempting to make their way through The Tower to reach the creator so you can learn from them what you need to know.

Examine corridors

There are many corridors to explore, which do you explore first?

Leave room, turn right and explore

You leave the office and contiue right. At the end of the hallway, you see a door immediately in front of you, and the hallway turns left. It goes on for 5 feet before turning right, there is a large metal door 10 feet down on the left, and the hallway continues another 10 feet past that before turning left again.

continue - turning left

The hallway continues forward for another 20 feet with stairs leading upwards.

Return and explore west corridor

The west corridor is similarly twisty.
It goes forward 10 feet before turning right (with a door on the left).
It then goes forward 5 feet before turning left.
It continues 5 feet forward before splitting forward and to the right (with another door to the left).
- The hallway forward continues another 10 feet further before dead-ending, with a door on the right.
- The hallway to the right (heading north) continues 45 feet before turning right (with another door to the left).
Heading down that hallway, it continues 10 feet before turning left, at which point it continues another 20 feet (heading north) before dead ending with a door to the left.

Open first door on west corridor

You find a small 10x10 foot room with a bed along the east wall.

Examine bed

Searching under the bed, you find a glowing shard.

Look shard (carefully, do not touch)

You throw caution out the window and touch it.
You gain one level. Please specify what level you take and any selected features.

5e SRD

refering to (external link)

Level Up: Cleric, Life Domain, proficient in History and Medicine


You feel empowered.

Seems like we use those as 20-sided dice rolls in our adventure
If a dial is used it will be donted by bold letters and removed

Open second door on west corridor

You head into the next room, as you open the door you see some sort of mechanical turret that spins quickly towards you and attempts to shoot you.
You attempt to dodge out of the way.

You are able to swiftly dodge the blast and close the door.


Contine west and open next door

You continue west and open the door, finding a 25x10 foot room. the northern half of the room is blocked off by a set of bars, almost like a prison cell. Behind that you can see a toilet and bed. You don't see a way to open the bars.

Continue western corridor north and open next door

The next room is a 15x10 foot space. Along the west and south walls are tables with many vials and chemistry contraptions on them. One of the vials is bubbling intensely.

Examine room

You look around carefully. Your proficiency in medicine allows you to determine that there are 3 vials of Greater Healing potions strewn around the room. Your perception reveals that there is a small skull and crossbone engraved on the vial that is bubbling, and there is a faint cloud of gas beginning to form above it.


Take healing potions and leave room

You acquire the healing potions and leave the room.

continue north and open door at the end

You continue down and find a mirror of the other room with a turret.
You are prepared this time and quickly dodge out of the way and close the door.


next one is a critical fail

return to entrance hall and examine flowers

You are unable to identify the flowers.


Open second door on east corridor

You find a math room.

Examine math room

It is filled with numerous books and charts and graphs. Under all the books and graphs, you can make out indications that this was once a water closet.


Open north door in computer room

You find a large 15x15 foot room. In the center of the room lies a massive archway, through which you see some outdoor location.
In the southwest corner of the room, is another computer with wires running from it to the archway. In the northwest and northeast corners, there appear to be massive powerbanks, also connected to the archway.

Examine computer

Looking at the computer, you see 3 rectangles, each with a picture of one quarter of a key overlaying them. They are labeled C77, WDL, and FMTC.

Return to entrance hall and open heavy north door

Opening the door, you find a 35 by 35 foot room.
In the center of the room is a long curved table forming a half circle, with 5 chairs on the far side, and two strange artifacts on the edges of the table.
In the middle of the half circle is a podium.
There is some rubble in the southwest corner of the room.

Examine artefacts (do not touch)

The west artifact appears to be a glowing orb.
The east artifact appears to be a crystal case, though it appears to be empty.


Examine rubble

You look through the rubble, but you don't find anything of interest.


Examine podest

On the podium you see a document:

The Tower

Collect the pieces, find the architect.

One piece lies guarded in the middle of 8 in this very Tower.
One piece lies guarded by the Tower in a Plaza of the Future.
One piece lies guarded in the Tower in the Smoke.
One piece lies guarded in the Tower of the mind, once you've gone from something muddled to something clean.


Open metal door in east corridor

Upon closer inspection, you find what appear to be hidden dials on the surface of the door. There are 4 dials (N, S, E, W) each which can be set from 00-99.

Examine dials

Taking a closer look at the dials, you see they are currently all set to 00, you are unable to make out any wear marks that indicate anything useful.


Go up stairs

You climb.
You climb.
You climb.
You climb.
The stairs open to the outdoors. You see a massive black cloud at the center of this roof. Surrounding it are 8 orbs on pedestals shooting energy beams into the cloud.

Examine (map) book and look for tower(s) layout

You are unable to find any maps that match the tower you are on, or any other towers.


Return to computer room and look for password info

Looking around, you fail to find anything with information or a password.


Return to dial door and try guessing settings

You spin the dials, and are able to make out a slight click while spinning two of them. One of those, you are very confident about. You have no idea about the other two. The dial you know is correct is set to 15, the one you are pretty confident about is set to 42.

Took four numbers for four dials! Two success, tow fail


North dial: 65, E: 40, W:90, S: 15

//we assumed those numbers, since 15 is correct, 42 is close and using those numbers will point the same number (15) to the center:

You do so

Push door

It opens, inside you see a number of chests, all open and empty, along with two podiums.
On one of the podiums, you see some sort of compass.

Examine compass

Looking at the compass, it appears to be a compass without any markings. The needle points south.

Take compass and check other podium

You take the compass. The other podium is empty.

return into entrance hall and check compass

You head to the entrance, looking at the compass, it points north.

// dial used somewhere, we do not know exactly where

Cast 'Detect Magic' in room with 5 chairs and orb

You sense evocation auras around all the chairs, the orb, and the podium and an abjuration aura on the case.

The evocation school of magic included spells that manipulated energy or tapped an unseen source of power in order to produce a desired end. In effect, they created something out of nothing. (attack)
Abjurations are protective spells. They create physical or magical barriers, negate magical or physical abilities, harm trespassers, or even banish the subject of the spell to another plane of existence (defense)

Look at compass while going upstairs and use "Detect Magic" upstairs

From the entrance of the room, the compass continues to point North. Eventually you make it to the roof. The compass seems to be pointing at the center of the black cloud (the one at the center of 8 orbs). The 8 orbs have abjuration auras, you are unable to see through the black cloud, though you sense a source of magic within.

In orb room: Is the case locked? Is there something in it? Does the orb look like those upstairs? What is the purpose of them?

You didn't see any obvious locks on the case downstairs, it was empty as far as you could see. The material and color of the orbs look similar, but the ones upstairs are much bigger (the size of a dead explorer's skull versus the size of a fist, cut of from said explorer). You don't know what the purpose of these objects are, though you suspect the ones upstairs are protecting or keeping something inside the black cloud.


Computer room: guess password

You begin typing in some passwords. You're pretty sure the passwords is a proper noun. You believe you have 10 tries.


Password: Tower

Tower is incorrect.

Password: Erol

Erol is incorrect.

Password: Klarson, than Gyxax

The machine unlocks.

You briefly see a set of notes flash on the screen, before being covered by a large dialog.
The dialog reads:

Warning: Entropic Cascade Failure

Disable Shields?
Yes / No

Warning: 93% Chance of computer system failures if shield disabled via terminal.


You hit 'no' revealing the notes on the screen:

The Observer's Tower - Just use the … campaign specs. Probably initialize the PC with SRD, no one wants to figure out a new magic system in short notice. Hopefully they try breaking things.
Plaza of the Future - Disable fast travel. The PC can handle getting around. Probably no need to instantiate the tower, use Detect Magic or equivalent to get around the scanning issue.
The Smoke - Familiars are probably OP here, maybe let them use command in lieu of the main gimmick.
FMTC - Difficult, they're unlikely to get it, though maybe they'll have luck crowdsourcing. Activate the avatar to accept the first parts at least.


Check computer for more files

Looking through the computer, you find a few drafts similar to the previous notes, however they don't seem to be of much use.


Pick up orb and case, open and check case and go upstairs

You take the orb. Examining the case interior, you don't notice anything. You take it upstairs.


Put case over large orb and close case

The energy beam from that orb stops shooting. The cloud is slightly less dark.


Take another orb with case

The box can't hold it, so you place the current orb on the ground and repeat the process with a second one. The same thing happens.


Repeat with all orbs

You repeat the process, but as you are removing two of the orbs, you feel a jolt of energy hit you.
You've taken a total of 8 damage.
The cloud is completely gone, where it once was, you see a glinting fragment of a key.


Take key fragment

You now have a key fragment.

Check Health

You are down to 2 health.

Cast 'Healing Word'

You gain 3 health.

Look around from top of tower

You consider the vast world around you, realizing that you're probably just wasting time.
Also, you stub your toe.


Go to portal room and select 'C77'

You do so. The archway shifts and changes. Through it you see some sort of empty road.

Step through portal

which brought us to The Second Tower

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