The Ark Explained

After solving the EBs journal and the the cards puzzle Oakley send us this:

The secret lies in immortality gained long ago from ruined ark
That is part of the truth. Just over 140 years ago, we had just graduated from a prestigious institution, and after a late night at the local tavern/pub, we formed PLACEBOS and embarked on a journey to investigate ruins that Alexander had found reference to scrawled on the margin of an old manuscript. It was there that we found but one crashed piece of something unearthly, what we've taken to calling the Ark. Within we would spend months investigating, cataloguing, discovering, hypothesizing. The end of which resulted in many different paths for us. It wouldn't be until much later that Alexander discovered that our exposure to a compound there had a strange effect on all of us. It wouldn't be until the 1970s, with Olovnikov's theory that we'd fully understand it, but our cells were self-replicating in a manner unlike normal human aging. A form of immortality that has preserved us since that day, though only a biological immortality. It did nothing to prevent death from non-biological means. Paula would continue to focus on ensuring that knowledge didn't fall into the wrong hands, while Alexander would continue the pursuit for discovery in the name of science, using what we discovered there to make all sorts of strange and dangerous discoveries. Elliot was never too fond of the scientific pursuits but had a sense for adventure so would spend the years trying to track down other fragments of the Ark. I meanwhile was plumbing the depths of the ruins we had at our disposal to understand its purpose and its journey. The Ark, as strange as its technology and crash was, seemed to have come from the future of a parallel world. Fleeing from some great destruction, some sort of primal force that disassembled all matter, and that had consumed that world's entire universe. The Eater.

The ark is dangerous, the pieces must stay lost.
In this, Elliot is wrong. The Ark is the only way to protect our world from forces that seek to end us. This comes to one of the core debates amongst us. Elliot for some time believed inaction would keep us safe. Alexander believed that it was imperative to understand all the secrets of the Ark to build a weapon capable of stopping or destroying the Eater. Meanwhile I believe that the only way to survive is to build a defense that protects our planet from the Eater, until it has moved on to another world. We barely understand the world around us, we have no hope to stop or destroy the eater. But in either case, we need to find other fragments of the Ark to be able to understand enough to build a defense to protect us. Elliot was the one who discovered the most about where fragments of the Ark lay, and I hope that the black box will contain that knowledge. Alexander already has an upper hand, as the various sites that the Center is investigating can only be other fragments of the Ark.

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