Te Discord

Taskforce Earth set up a new Discord channel:
https://discord.gg/ncTnrAguxK (external link)


February 10

Taskforce Earth Invite: https://discord.gg/ncTnrAguxK

This server is being used to organize Taskforce Earth project efforts.
New channels will be opened under Projects as new efforts are undertaken.
Weekly updates and discoveries will be sent to the Taskforce Updates list

February 15

Please change your nickname on this server to match your codename (if it doesn't match) so we can correlate the two identities and give you access to the appropriate channels.
Message @TMalor90 once you've joined and updated your nickname to match your codename


Assumption: posts will be updated regularly - so no copy on the wiki

General Layout:

  • Current Project
  • Available Projects
  • Completed Projects
  • Documents/items in transit
  • Members
  • Artifacts
  • Known Locations
  • Others


After a long meeting with some people, we've received approval to temporarily borrow a few contractors from Aeternus Center to investigate locations. You'll need to indicate what locations they should explore. The more contractors sent to a particular location, the more likely they'll find things and be able to react to any complications they might encounter.

February 15

3 Contractors Available
Deadline to Assign Locations: 2/19 11:59:59.99 PM EST



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