A reference page of all the symbols we have uncovered/been exposed to so far. Constantly being updated as we clean images and organize them/find out what they mean.

symbol meaning
783038033116004393.png Order
783038033342496779.png Stability
783038033544609853.png Knowledge
783038033636622396.png Schemes
783038033300684841.png Peace
783038033468456961.png Judgement
783038033426513932.png Death
783038033355866155.png Chaos
alex.png Aeternus.Center / Alexander Clark
oakley.png Obscurum.Space / Oakley Smith
paula.png Protectors of Liber / Paula Lewis
elliot.png Explorers Bifurcus / Elliot
unknown.png The Tower / Erol Klarson
upsidedown_witness.png waiting for definition
witness.png The Witness
Enlightenment / The Sun
unknown.png Taskforce Earth
unknown.png Question Mark
& And / &
skull_maybe.png waiting for definition
theshatter.png the shatter
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