Brief description: Spatiotemporal is used to describe the phenomena of things from other timelines interacting with ours.

Times the term has been used:

Operation Morphic

Last Update: Sept. 21, 2020, 4 p.m.
Filed by: ???

As a reminder from the Operation Morphic briefing, any information gained from a spatiotemporal anomaly should be considered false until its veracity has been verified by our systems.

hidden message

Participants of the former Door ARG received a message regarding a Soundcloud account "Spatiotemporal", the account is host to 5 messages sent from what were presumed to be future realities who had already failed to stop the incursion of the Eater. They provided cryptic clues as to how to proceed and gave some lore.

Spatiotemporal 111420-0

Part of Boston Drop
Record ID: SPT111420-0
Last Update: Nov. 14, 2020, noon
Filed by: ???


Spatiotemporal 111420-1

Part of Boston Drop
Record ID: SPT111420-1
Last Update: Nov. 14, 2020, noon
Filed by: cal


Second Tower Video

Message hidden in white: Spatiotemporal message received@ Can you give answer. We are unprepared for what is coming. Who is Klarson. Which A.E. does the red text come from. Is Finis really dead.~

Groundhog Day Protocol

Warning: Spatiotemporal Shockwaves Detected.
Aftershocks detected.
Engaging Groundhog Day Protocol.
Enabling Spatiotemporal filter in 7 minutes.
Initiating filter.

Time to complete filtration: 15 minutes.

Filtration Complete*

*Note, message has been altered from original text after a few seconds. Original message before edit was:

Feb 2 Enlightenment

The Sun said:

in places, the fabric of reality wears thin, actions taken in one reality, alter the parts of the line in another reality. Small changes and actions in one effecting another. Spatiotemporal noise.

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