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The Park

What do you do?

Explore area outside of tower

There is no tower.

Look around

You look around and find yourself in a park of some sort.

Look around. Are there swings

There are no swings. You appear to be at the top of some small hill, there are trails leading down from here.

check inventory

You don't have any items of note on you.

Look trails

The trails all seem to lead down from this hill. There are stacks of rocks nearby, you can make out a small lake in the distance.

Follow trail to lake

You see an image of a :strawberry: carved in the dirt near one of the trails.
Heading towards the lake, you find that it appears to be artificial in construction.
It appears to stow water for later use.

Find entrance of park

Proceeding down, you discover that you are on a small island within a larger park. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. A nearby sign labels the hill as :strawberry: :mountain: .

// Seems like we are at Strawberry Hill, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco//

Cross bridge

Crossing the bridge, you can smell the fresh water from the body of water here. There is a path that runs around the edge of it.

Consider why we are here

You consider why you're here.

Cause: Tower Simulation Unreachable.
Status: Attempting to repair.
Activated fallback A.E.

Wander around

You wander around the park for a while, eventually making it to the Japanese Tea Garden.

Look around

You don't see any iconic towers here.
You notice this park is empty of people.

Intermezzo: stripping or not?

You toss the idea in your head of stripping, but decide not to for the sake of local city ordinances.

Yell "Hello"

You yell out and hear a rumble from northeast of your location.

Head NE

You begin heading northeast, leaving the edge of the park. You enter a massive sprawling city of some sort. The rumble has stopped.

Yell again

You yell and hear the rumble return, you hear it continue to the northeast.

Continue NE

You continue for a while and eventually reach the base of a tower.

//We assume it is the Coit Tower

look around

The tower is cordoned off, though you see a small hole in the foundation that might be a way in if you can expand it.

Look for notices

You look for notices, and they just indicate the tower is only open during normal business hours.

Sneak in

You determine you don't have magic powers, but think that by breaking parts of the edge of the foundation around the hole you could sneak in.

Break some stuff out

You strike a pose, you are unable to make fire manifest.

You break the Foundation of the Tower.

Enter hole

Failsafe Deactivated


The Tower (again)

Time and time again, explorers venture here to discover the secrets of the Tower of Lost Times.

But time and time again, their time here ends and the progress they make is lost to the ether.

Now you are here, and soon you'll fail. Will your knowledge of what you've discovered be preserved until the next time someone encounters the Tower?

You find yourself in front of a large door at the base of a Tower. The Tower rises imposingly above you.

The door is slightly ajar.

What do you do?

Look around

I'm glad Paula was unable to prevent you from leaving the failsafes in the foundation of the Tower intact.
You look around the Tower exterior for interesting things, and find that it is in the middle of a heavily forested area. No signs of human activity other than the tower itself.

The red messages

Whoever is the person with red text edited his text several time. This makes it hartd to really follow the real timeline of events in the wiki, Sorry!

We posted (also in red):

-Hey there, can you read us?

It is appreciated it's always nice to have new places to explore.

Anyways, time to explore while the Center is off taking a vacation. It is a shame you all killed Paula, would've been nice to have a chat. I'll try to keep up with your innane exploration attempts, but responses may be slower as I explore this freedom

We posted (in red):

-Aw you think we're inane? That's adorbs. :)) I do have to ask though, are you Elliot?

Wave to the forrest

You wave at the trees, they do not wave back.

Ask yourself: who am I?

You consider your place in the world, as a non-descript explorer from PLACEBOS attempting to reach the end of the Tower, with your trusty bag of gear you prepared for this expedition, which for the purpose of the simulation acts as a quantum superposition of all possible items you may have packed, correlated with the difficulty of getting them when you explore the Tower in reality.

check failsafe

Like Humpty Dumpty after a great fall.

repair failsafe


inspect tower foundation

You can make out the edges of the foundation of the Tower. However most of the foundation is covered by dirt.

You can make out a number of cracks throughout the parts of the foundation you can see.

As if time has eroded away at it or maybe because someone intentionally broke part of it.

Tower continue

Enter the tower

You enter and find yourself at the southern entrance of a large hallway.

To the north, at the far end of the room is a massive double-door. A symbol is carved into it.

To the left side of the room (west), there are 4 doors, equally spaced.
The right side of the room (east) also contains a set of 4 doors, equally spaced.

What do you do?

Examine 8 doors

On the left side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols of :order:, :stability:, :knowledge:, and :schemes:.
On the right side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols for :peace:, :judgement:, :death:, and :chaos:.
At the far end you see a set of double doors with a large circle inscribed with 8 smaller circles.

Open 8 doors

You open all the doors on the left and right.

Place objects

As last time (besides using noe the dice)
In the room of Order place a replica of the Magna Carta.
In the room of Stability place a Newton's Cradle.
In the room of Knowledge place the complete works of William Shakespeare.
In the room of Schemes place a black journal.
In the room of Chaos place a 10 sided dice
In the room of Death place the Hunter's journal.
In the room of Judgement place a copy of the Constitutional Case Law of Japan 1970 through 1990.
In the room of Peace place a copy of the Treaty of Versailles.

Warning: Identical messages indicates possibility of bots.
Info: Starting bot detection algorithm.

We don't need any of those silly numbers that indicate the likelihood of being able to acquire certain objects for the reified exploration. Takes up too much processing power, and you all are plenty smart enough to figure out what items you'd be able to get access to when you explore the Tower in reality. Less work for me, more time for cute dog videos.
You place all the items on the pedestals. They all begin glowing.

System Halt Triggered!

Notice: System Halt Triggered.
Notice: The End of the current simulation in 76-124 hours.

Open north door

You push open the door.

Beyond you see an octagonal room.
There are 8 doors (one on each wall, including the one that they just opened).

Listen doors

As you enter, the door behind you slams shut.

The northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast doors begin glowing faintly.

From the northwest door, you make out the sound of loud stomping. From the southeast door, you hear slithering. From the northeast door, you can hear what sounds like barking. From the southwest door, you hear nothing.

Kill golem with loud noise

You grab ear protectors and a megaphone from your bag and use them. Even with the headphones, you can hear the painful sound of the megaphone.

As you open the door, you se a golem standing still, stunned. You can see parts of it beginning to crack.


You continue. A short while later, it shatters into many pieces.

Touch a golem piece

You attempt to prepare yourself and grab a fragment of the golem.

You feel a pulse of energy pass from the fragment into you, its less of a surprise but not being surprised about being electrocuted doesn't stop the negative side effects.

You are feeling unwell.

Kill snake with mirror

You take out a mirror from your bag and aim it as you open the door. After a while, the sound of slithering stops.

Check non-glowing doors

Indeed, for now they remain firmly closed.

Kill dog with poisoned meat

You viciously murder the dog.

Kill poisened fog with liquid nitrogen

You put on some protective gear, open and fill the silent room with liquid nitrogen. You see a strange frozen amorphous blob fall to the ground.

The new rooms

open previously locked doors

Opening the east and west doors, you find two identical rooms. Along the far walls of each room, you see vials hanging on the walls, labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4.

In the center of the rooms, you see pedestals with a bowl on top of them.

Inspect the eight vials

You see many more than 8 vials, but inspecting one of each type, without opening them, you see:

East 1: It is a vial of colorless liquid labeled with the number 1, your lack of a chemistry degree tells you that it is a liquid.
East 2: Another liquid, also colorless, also labeled.
East 3: Similarly unhelpful discoveries about the lack of color and the number between 2 and 4.
East 4: Yes, definitely still a liquid, still labeled with a number.
West 1: Had to walk across to the other room, your a tad bit tired from carrying a large bag full of countless pieces of gear. You arrive and discover what you expected. Colorless liquid, number.
West 2: Oooh, this one is a colourless liquid instead, with a british number 2.
West 3: Nope, this one is also colorless, unsurprisingly labeled with a backwards capital E.
West 4: You see what you expect.

Use mass spectrometer and do some "science"

You pull out a mass spectrometer and set it up. You also pull out a piece of paper from the bag, your chemistry degree. You consider how to begin using the mass spectrometer.

Take samples and measurements

You consider whether you just looked up how to use a mass spectrometer on Google, but go about opening each vial.

It takes you a while to get results, but eventually you get graphs for each vial.

Each of the differently labeled vials from each of the rooms produce different graphs, indicating you are dealing with 8 different compounds.

The graphs don't make any sense and your attempts to match them with known calibration graphs results fails.

Whatever is making up these compounds might be beyond public chemical understanding.

Check for any information in the rooms

Looking around, you don't find anything else. Though examining the bowls, you believe that one vial of liquid is just enough to fill each one.

Examine north door

The north door is locked shut.

Vial E1 in Bowl E

The bowl begins glowing.

Vial W1 in Bowl W

As you pour vial 1 into the west bowl, it begins glowing.

Then the liquid begins to evaporate. A dense cloud of mist begins to fill the room.

For some time, you feel confused and unable to move.

Vial E2 in Bowl E and Vial W2 in Bowl W

It takes a while, but you eventually are able to move again, though still feel confused.

You pour vials labeled 2 in each room, and once again a dense cloud of mist forms.

You have a massive painful headache. You aren't feeling very well.

Vial E3 in Bowl E and Vial W3 in Bowl W (with gas mask)

You pull on a gas mask and pour the vials labeled 3 into the bowl in each each room, and once again a dense cloud of mist forms.

Vial E4 in Bowl E and Vial W4 in Bowl W (with gas mask)

You wait for the cloud to disappear, then pour the vials labeled 4 into the bowl in each room. Once again, a dense cloud of mist forms.

Check north door

Checking the North door, you find that it remains firmly closed.

You suspect you have to do something with the vials and bowls to progress.

Examine bowls

Examining the bowls, you notice they are held in place on the pedestals. There also appears to be a small metal bit at the bottom of each bowl, possibly what causes the liquids to disappear once both bowls are filled with liquid from one of the vials from each room.

Vial E4 in Bowl E and Vial W1 in Bowl W (with gas mask)

You pour a vial labeled 4 from the east room into that bowl, and a vial labeled 1 from the west room into that bowl.

Once again, a dense cloud of mist forms.

Examine metal in the bowls

You inspect and touch the metal bits in the bowls and are unable to determine anything useful. If you could pry the bowls off of the pedestals, maybe that would reveal something beneath, but you think that you are unlikely to be able to replace the bowl after you pry it off, at least in this iteration.

Pour water into bowls

You fill both bowls with water. The water turns into a small cloud of steam, but does not form a dense cloud of mist.

Vial E2 in Bowl E and Vial W1 in Bowl W (w/o gas mask)

You remove your gas mask and pour West 1 and East 2 into their bowls.

Once again, a dense cloud of mist forms.

You feel trapped and begin to suffocate.

Use gas mask


You put the gas mask back on, you still feel ill, but are no longer immediately suffocating.

Vial E1 in Bowl E and Vial W2 in Bowl W (w/o gas mask)

You remove the mask again and pour West 2 and East 1 into their bowls.

Once again, a dense cloud of mist forms.

Your mind is in a jumble, you can't think concentrate focus on any info knowledge fact words.

Use gas mask

uoy tup ruoy ksam no

Test all combinations - shortly removing mask - and make notes

You begin testing all the combinations of liquids, using the mask as you start to feel strong effects.

You take careful notes of the results in your notebook.

Unfortunately, after consuming a third Death vial, you… die.

Unfortunately no one else is synchronized with this simulation to read your notebook.

The End

Date: 12/5/2020
Subject: Tower Status Report

System Progress:

Alchemical Death.

Global Status:
Simulation ID: 19194130
Simulation Methodology: Discord
Simulation User Pool: ALL

System Status:
Communication: ACTIVE
Simulation: OPTIMAL
Knowledge Bank: CRITICAL

ERROR: Tower Knowledge Bank corrupted.
ERROR: Secondary Knowledge Bank missing.

Next Simulation ID: 19194131
System Halt Imminent.
New Simulation on System Resumption.

PLACEBOS Executive Summary: Made it to the exam, difficulty correlating 8 split into the East and West with the other 8 split into East and West locations. Status of Tower synchronicity optimal. Defragmenting during System Halt.

System Halt in ~28 Hours.

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