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Time and time again, explorers venture here to discover the secrets of the Tower of Lost Times.
But time and time again, their time here ends and the progress they make is lost to the ether.
Now you are here, and soon you'll fail. Will your knowledge of what you've discovered be preserved until the next time someone encounters the Tower?
You find yourself in front of a large door at the base of a Tower. The Tower rises imposingly above you.
The door is slightly ajar.
What do you do?

Enter the Tower and survey the first room

System Error: Tower AE Suspended
Cause: Total System Scan (initiated by magus)
Expected Time To Resolution: ~16 Hours
Status: 4 unknown systems detected.
Attempting to dump memory:
…pieces are falling…

Status: Tower AE Resumed


Enter and look

You enter and find yourself at the southern entrance of a large hallway.

To the north, at the far end of the room is a massive double-door. A symbol is carved into it.

To the left side of the room (west), there are 4 doors, equally spaced.
The right side of the room (east) also contains a set of 4 doors, equally spaced.

What do you do?

Examine all doors

On the left side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols of order, stability, knowledge, and schemes.
On the right side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols for peace, judgement, death, and chaos.
At the far end you see a set of double doors with a large circle inscribed with 8 smaller circles.

Open all doors



High Data Coded Response (HDC)
Low Data Response (LD)


You consider how long and arduous the way before you is.

Awaiting Continuation Code.


What do you do?

Check inventory

You examine your inventory and find a strange bag.
Reaching into it you feel an almost limitless space.
You recall you can call to mind an item you've previously put into the bag to recover it.
You do not recall what you've previously placed within.

Place items from the bag on the pedestals: …

In the room of Order place a replica of the Magna Carta. (1.0)
In the room of Stability place a Newton's Cradle. (1.0)
In the room of Knowledge place the complete works of William Shakespeare. (1.0)
In the room of Schemes place a black journal. (0.8)
In the room of Chaos place a copy of Cain's jawbone. (0.2)
In the room of Death place the Hunter's journal. (1.0)
In the room of Judgement place a copy of the Constitutional Case Law of Japan 1970 through 1990. (1.0)
In the room of Peace place a copy of the Treaty of Versailles. (1.0)

we got same rating regarding our slection. See above

You place all the items on the pedestals. They all begin glowing.

Swap jawbone with dice

You grab a set of dice and attempt to replace Cain's Jawbone with it, but are unable to remove it.

open north door

You push open the door.

Beyond you see an octagonal room.
There are 8 doors (one on each wall, including the one that they just opened).

Look and listen to the doors

As you enter, the door behind you slams shut.

The northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast doors begin glowing faintly.

From the northwest door, you make out the sound of loud stomping. From the southeast door, you hear slithering. From the northeast door, you can hear what sounds like barking. From the southwest door, you hear nothing.

Killing the Monsters

Snake and Mirror

You take out a mirror from your bag and aim it as you open the door. After a while, the sound of slithering stops.

Golem and Airhorn

You grab ear protectors and a megaphone from your bag and use them. Even with the ear protectors, you can hear the painful sound of the megaphone.

As you open the door, you see a golem standing still, stunned. You can see parts of it beginning to crack.

use airhorn again

It shatters into many pieces.

Examine a fragment

You grab a fragment of the golem.

You feel a pulse of energy pass from the fragment into you that you were unprepared for.

You feel unwell but now have a fragment of the golem in your possession.

Dog and poisoned meat

You acquire some meat and deadly poison, combining the two.

You place in in front of the door before opening it and backing away.

As you do you attempt to nibble at the fragment of the golem… It does not taste very good.

A dog suddenly appears and begins to consume the meat.

A short while later, it falls to the ground and stops moving.

Poison cloud and liquid nitrogen

You acquire some protective gear, a gas mask and a tank of liquid nitrogen and prepare to use it according to proper safety procedures.

Realizing that "outside of normal working hours (…) no one is allowed to transfer liquid nitrogen … without a second trained person present", you decide to wait until that time (or a trained person becomes available).


Use liquid nitrogen

You open and fill the silent room with liquid nitrogen. You see a strange frozen amorphous blob fall to the ground.

Look around

Looking around, you see the remains of the golem, the body of the dog, a statue of a snake, and a blob on the ground.

Nothing noticeable appears to have changed.

check locked doors (eat the blob)

You attempt to eat the blob and feel a pulse of energy pass into you that you are unprepared for.

You don't feel very good, and the blob is inedible.

Checking the doors, you find that the west and east doors feel like they can be opened.

Killing ourselves

Touch Snake

You attempt to prepare yourself for a jolt of energy.

As you touch the stone snake, you realize that if this is similar to getting electrocuted, thinking very hard won't help.

It doesn't.


Date: 11/24/2020
Subject: Tower Status Report

System Progress:


Global Status:
Simulation ID: 19194129
Simulation Methodology: Discord
Simulation User Pool: ALL

System Status:
Communication: ACTIVE
Simulation: OPTIMAL
Knowledge Bank: CRITICAL

ERROR: Tower Knowledge Bank corrupted.
ERROR: Secondary Knowledge Bank missing.

Next Simulation ID: 19194130
Awaiting Simulation Methodology.
Expected Response:
INITIATE_METHODOLOGY <description of methodology>

Awaiting Simulation Parameters.
Expected Response:

Awaiting Simulation Initialization
Expected Response:

PLACEBOS Executive Summary: Reaching AT. Status of Tower synchronicity optimal.

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