Simulation 19194127

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** complete chat can be found here **

later we found that there has been two simulation running:
Simulation 19194127
Simulation 19194128


There was a new channel named #settings.

Expected Response:
INITIATE_METHODOLOGY <description of methodology>

Awaiting Simulation Parameters.
Expected Response:

Awaiting Simulation Initialization
Expected Response:

From one of the message of the Simulation 19194126 we know one methodology is Discord


new reply:

Awaiting Simulation Parameters.
Expected Response:


new reply:

Awaiting Simulation Initialization
Expected Response:

The Tower Bot

The Tower sent this message:


Server Shutdown Imminent"

The Link is a Discord Bot which we put into a channel #the-tower-primary of the OOG Discord server.
From a test channel we know that the bot expected a synchronize command
Now we were abel to directly chat with the Tower "bot"



Synchronization Complete.

Time and time again, explorers venture here to discover the secrets of the Tower of Lost Times.

But time and time again, their time here ends and the progress they make is lost to the ether.

Now you are here, and soon you'll fail. Will your knowledge of what you've discovered be preserved until the next time someone encounters the Tower?

You find yourself in front of a large door at the base of a Tower. The Tower rises imposingly above you.

The door is slightly ajar.

What do you do?

Go inside Tower

we needed for players that inputs the same command


You push the door open and find yourself at the southern entrance of a large hallway.

To the north, at the far end of the room is a massive double-door. A symbol is carved into it.

To the left side of the room (west), there are 4 doors, equally spaced.
The right side of the room (east) also contains a set of 4 doors, equally spaced.

You see small cracks running throughout the walls.

What do you do?

Check my inventory


You examine your inventory and find a strange bag.
Reaching into it you feel an almost limitless space.
You recall you can call to mind an item you've previously put into the bag to recover it.
You do not recall what you've previously placed within.

Examine all of the symbols on the doors

On the left side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols of Order, Stability, Knowledge, and Schemes.
On the right side, from closest to furthest, you see the symbols for Peace, Judgement, Death, and Chaos.

see tower layout

Recover a book from our bag


You retrieve a non-descript book from your bag.

Enter the room marked with the symbol of Knowledge


You enter the room with the symbol of Knowledge and find an empty pedestal.

Place the book on the pedestal

Warning: Identical messages indicates possibility of bots.
Info: Starting bot detection algorithm.

You place the book on the pedestal.

The pedestal begins to glow.

Up to this point we copied exactly the same command four times. Now we started to give different fomulations for the same command

Take apple from bag


You recover an apple from your bag.

Eat apple

You consider whether to stare at the apple or eat the apple.

You decide to eat the apple.

Take sword from bag


You take a big sword from your bag.

Enter judgement room

You proceed to the judgement room and find a similar empty pedestal.

Place sword on pedestal

You place the sword on the pedestal.

The pedestal begins to glow faintly.

Take skull from bag


You retrieve a skull from your bag.

Enter death room

You proceed to the Death room. There is a pedestal there as well.

Place skull on pedestal

You place the skull on the pedestal.

It begins glowing faintly.

Examine Death Symobol

You examine the death symbol, it appears to be a crossed out circle with a small arrow on the bottom part of the circle pointing right.

Take 20D Dice from bag


You acquire a 20-sided dice from your bag.

Enter chaos room

You enter the chaos room. Seeing a similar sight.

Roll the die on the pedestal

You roll the die, it spins and falls off the pedestal, resulting in a 1.

The pedestal briefly glowed before dimming again once the die fell off.

Roll dice on pedestal

You roll the die, it lands on a 7 but remains on the pedestal.

The pedestal glow faintly.

Check symbol on Big Double Door

You check the main double door and find within the big circle are 8 smaller circles.

They are glowing.

Examine 8 smaller circles


19194127 and 19194128 Synchronization Pending
19194127: Balance Door
19194128: Outside Tower
Beginning Queue for 19194127.
Beginning Timeout for 19194128.
Notice: Queued actions may have at most 4 conditionals.

The game paused and we learned there is another simulation ongoing


19194127: Balance Door
19194128: Balance Hall

All 8 of the smaller circles on the door are glowing.

The north door is open.

Beyond you see an octagonal room.
There are 8 doors (one on each wall, including the one that they just opened).

Speculation: the other group has opened the north door. It seesm that there is another simulation running which is synchronized with our simulation. That is the reason why the norther (Balance) door is now open.

Enter octagonal room

As you enter, the door behind you slams shut.

The northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast doors begin glowing faintly.

You can hear the sound of something moving behind those doors.

Examine doors

From the northwest door, you make out the sound of loud stomping. From the southeast door, you hear slithering. From the northeast door, you can hear what sounds like barking. From the southwest door, you hear nothing.

The doors have no markings you can make out.


Congratulate the person who opened the North Door

You start to talk, when you realize there is no one else in this room.

You look a little bit silly talking to the air.

Open West Door

You attempt to open the west door, and find that it doesn't budge.

The Snake an the Mirror

Open SE Door (snake room)

You begin to open up the southeast door, when it slams open.

You can make out the shape of a large snake beginning to slither out from the darkness beyond.


Take Mirror and use on snake

You take out a mirror from your bag and aim it at the snake. After a while, the sound of slithering stops.


You see a stone statue of a large snake. It appears very lifelike, albeit much larger than any snake you've seen before.

Search Snake Room

You find nothing of interest in the snake room.

The Dog and The Food

Open NE room (barking room)

You begin to open up the door slightly, when it slams open.

Inside, you see nothing.

You hear the sound of slobbering behind you.

Take "Staff of Frost"

You reach into your bag to try retrieving a fantastical object. You end up pulling out an empty hand.

You feel a warm breath over your shoulder.

Turning towards it, you see a ferocious dog of some sort.

Take meat and throw it

You grab some meat from your bag and consider in which direction to throw it.

Throw meat into snake room

You throw the meat into the southeast room.

As you do so, the dog disappears and reappears inside the southeast room, beginning to chew at the hunk of meat.

Close Door (of snake room)

You attempt to close the southeast door, but it remains open.

The dog continues to chew at the hunk of meat.

Distracted…for now.

Distract with more meat and search Dog room

You examine the room the dog was in, and find another empty room.

The Golem and the airhorn

Open NW Door (stomping room)

You open up the door, revealing a massive golem made of a jet black material.

It slowly begins making its way towards you.

Protect your ears and use airhorn on golem

You grab headphones and a megaphone from your bag and use them. Even with the headphones, you can hear the painful sound of the megaphone.

The golem stands still, stunned. You can see parts of it beginning to crack.

Suddenly, you are beset by a ferocious dog.

It bites you and begins ripping into you.

You don't feel well.

Air horn on golem and fire-extinguisher on dog

You continue to air horn the golem.

While you begin attempting to retrieve another object from your bag, the dog goes for your throat.

The End

Date: 11/16/2020
Subject: Tower Status Report

System Progress:

No Resolution.

Global Status:
Simulation ID: 19194127,19194128
Simulation Methodology: Discord
Simulation User Pool: ALL

System Status:
Communication: ACTIVE
Simulation: OPTIMAL
Knowledge Bank: CRITICAL

ERROR: Tower Knowledge Bank corrupted.
ERROR: Secondary Knowledge Bank missing.

Next Simulation ID: 19194129
Awaiting Simulation Methodology.
Expected Response:
INITIATE_METHODOLOGY <description of methodology

Awaiting Simulation Initialization
Expected Response:

PLACEBOS Executive Summary: Acceptable progress. Status of Tower synchronicity optimal.

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