Seekers Takeover

Occurred on March 28, 2021

Participants: Tim Malor (TMalor90), players

TMalor90: Uh, something weird is going on.
Spooky: Howdy Tim!
Starling: If it's the fact that Cal is in charge of AC, you're fucking right
TMalor90: There's a bunch of people I don't recognize at the research site.
Starling: oh no
rysonbran: Oh?
Starling: Have you hidden everything you retrieved?
TMalor90: I just came back into town with the things recovered.
TMalor90: I was going to drop things off at the research site Aeternus lent Taskforce Earth, but there's some people I've never seen before there.
TMalor90: And vans of stuff being moved in.
Starling: okay, yeah, no, don't do that
TMalor90: Any idea what's going on?
Starling: Cal Devali took over AC, and questioned whether or not TE would be assisting AC
Starling: I think it's tied to that
TMalor90: Well, it is an AC site. Are we friends with Cal?
Starling: Cal was formerly a seeker? I don't know, we're trying to figure that out.
Starling: But I don't want Cal to have what you've retrieved
TMalor90: The bigger problem is all the other stuff is in the research site, the Bifurcus Black Box.
Starling: fuck
TMalor90: If you think we can trust Cal, then maybe its fine.
TMalor90: Otherwise, we might need to recover it.
Starling: I feel like we need to recover it. I hate this so much omg
TMalor90: There's few enough people around, and if these are all new folks, I might be able to just walk in and retrieve it, at least before the security tightens up.
Starling: You don't recognize anyone? No one from before?
TMalor90: The risk seems relatively low right now, though if I get caught or if we're stealing from AC, that might be a choice that we can't walk back from.
TMalor90: Not the few people I saw outside.
Starling: I mean, I've stolen from AC before. But I'm not sure I want to put you in that situation. Friends, what's the call?
TMalor90: Here, I drove a bit away to avoid being spotted, I'll drop off the finds somewhere safe and then drive closer to the research site. Lets say I'll reach it around 4:28 PM EDT. Work to figure out if we think performing a heist right now is a good idea, or if we should wait and try dealing with this through other channels?
Starling: Okay, I'll see what I can get from the others. Please be safe, Tim
ORCA: Tim do you still have the note?
TMalor90: Which note? The one from E about the contents of the chest?
TMalor90: Yes, its with the vials.
ORCA: should we burn it?
ORCA: we already know what is written
Starling: If Tim's hiding it away, then theoretically we should be okay.
Starling: but we don't know if anything is hidden on it
TMalor90: Yeah, it is true we know what we've read on it, so it should be safe to burn, if you think there's a risk of it being discovered.
TMalor90: Let me know what I should do about that as well.

Approximately 30 minutes later

TMalor90: Have a decision?
Starling: Okay Tim, it looks like we've decided that you're burning E's note, just in case. And we're doing a heist?
Starling: I hope you're ready because I'm terrified.
joda: Yeet.
TMalor90: Okay, let me take a moment to prepare.

Which led us to Heist

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