P1 Research: The Eater and the Hunter


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The Eater is believed to be an ancient entity worshipped by the Seekers of True Enlightenment. The Seekers and the Eater is believed to have roots in Ancient Egyptian rites and customs, potentially linked with a crater in the Eastern Saharan desert.

While the Seekers are believed to be involved with various sites and investigations being performed by Aeternus, there is no evidence that the Seekers are still active or interfering with current projects/investigations being performed by Aeternus.

The Hunter is believed to be one of a handful of 'named' roles within the Seekers, particularly that of an assassin working to carry out the will of the Seekers, though their exact actions seems to be at the whim of luck and chance. Some believe that there is some connection between stories of people playing games against death, and the Hunter's frequent use of games of skill and chance to direct their behavior.

So the seekers want the eater to appear and to destroy humanity for the true enlightenment.

Known Seekers:
Cal Devali
The Hunter

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