Second Tower Video

The Tower channel got an update:


white message

Spatiotemporal message received@ Can you give answer. We are unprepared for what is coming. Who is Klarson. Which A.E. does the red text come from. Is Finis really dead.~

just a nice "joke", since a player just asked those questions on twitter. We do not know if his message was received in the future or past.


blue message

While examining the rooms… you hear the cough the architect behind you. Klarson speaks and says "A way forward up the Tower r a path outside. If only there were a way to split the difference."~

red message

You enter each of the rooms and witness identical empty podiums. Inscribed on them you see a symbol matching that on the door to the room

green message

You enter each room, on the pedestals you can make out items that have been placed.
In the room of Order you see a replica of the Magna Carta.
In the room of Stability you see a Newton's Cradle.
In the room of Knowledge you see the complete works of William Shakespeare.
In the room of Schemes you see a black journal.
In the room of Chaos you see a copy of Cain's jawbone.
In the room of Death you see the Hunter's journal.
In the room of Peace you see a copy of the Treaty of Versailles.

All the items are glowing.

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