During the december 6 parley finale something suspicious was posted:

P: Anyone solve that signal yet?
N: No, one person pointed out some useful tools, no one has been able to help decode it. I'll let you know if anyone else redds it and is able to make heads or tails of it.


We were able to pin down the message on Reddit posted by the Reddit user u/nihilagency who posted similar messages in r/ARG and r/Steganographie:

Are there any good tools or common methods for extracting data from audio files?

The context is I've been trying to extract some meaning from I've tried Morse code and looking at the spectrogram without any success and wanted to see if there were any common schemes/tools I was missing.

(also more generally is there a favored spectrogram tool people tend to use?)

(also, is there a convenient service to upload audio files that doesn't do any compression/corruption of the data, rather than having to self host or worry about info getting compressed away?)

which led to the M0 Signal and the Nihil Agency website

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