Recruit Letters

The META puzzle let to the ALLFORONERECRUIT Record ID. There Cole Johnson asked player to send him their full mailing address.

Soon people received letters.

They contained:

  • the Letter
  • a coin
  • 2 commemorative stickers
  • a AE business card
  • a card with a letter (see cards puzzle)
  • 2 stripes with letters on both sides





Strips Solution

After some hints that involved the word "waeving" we come up with the following solution(s) - We needed to 1 second set of strips to really lay it out:

the known part


and the new part (reading right to left)


Sending in the solve gave us this "one time bonus" which finally helps in the Discord Simulation Prediction Machine of the Tower

Great job. As a one-time bonus for solving the bonus puzzle, you can use one of the rewards provided to any of the Phase 1 recruits (described below). There will be additional info in next week's updates.

Phase 1 Precursor recruits have access to our internal messaging system. If there is a specific message you'd like to post, please let me know its title and contents (can include HTML). This may be a good way to distribute information and get in contact with your fellow recruits.

Phase 1 Archivist recruits have access to our research specialist. You may submit any lead or other information that you would like to research and our specialist will get back to you with the result. Due to our other projects, we only have one specialist free for this purpose, so you will need to reach consensus with your other Archivist recruits.

Phase 1 Explorer recruits have access to a contractor that is available to explore locations/recover items if you come across any interesting leads they should investigate. There is only one contractor available, so you will need to reach consensus with your other Explorer recruits.

Phase 1 Oracle recruits have access to our prediction engine. You can submit the description of a situation to receive the calculated outcome. Due to the design of our prediction engine, only one situation can be analyzed at a time and the result will only be transmitted to the original requester, so you will need to reach consensus with your other Oracle recruits when submitting a situation.

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