Protectors Of Liber

General Information

Name: Protectors of Liber

Aliases: PL, Protectors

Who founded: Paula Lewis

Affiliations: PLACEBOS, PERSONAL, Obscurum Space, Taskforce Earth

Status: "spread to the wind"


  • Does not exist


liber mean "book" or "free" in Latin. Possibly were "protectors of knowledge" or "protectors of freedom"

will update if we learn more


November 3, 2020
Cal Devali asked: "Tell me, what do you know of what remains of the Protectors of Liber?"

November 5, 2020
Cal asked: "What do you know of the Protectors of Liber or Paula Lewis?"

December 6, 2020

A: No offense intended, but Obscurum Space is almost entirely pieces, and the Protectors are in the wind.

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