Progenitor, as used by Aeternus Center, is an "Operation involving data gather and manipulation of individuals using simulated environments".

We are the progenitors.


Paula Lewis email from Oct 7, 2020

I recommend a mind map or wiki to keep track of everything. They are running a lot of experiments, some of which seem potentially concerning.

Progenitor - Operation involving data gathering and manipulation of individuals using simulated environments.
Morphic - Attempts to communicate beyond the boundaries of this reality.
Tower - Simulation in preparation of breaking into some old ruins that have proved dangerous in the past.
A.E. - Experiments with artificial intelligence.

I've mostly been concerned with Progenitor and A.E., while Oakley has had strong feelings about projects similar to Morphic and Tower in the past.


December 2, 2020 (Quotes taken from Parley chat Dec 2)

O: Anyway, is there anything actionable you called this for?
A: Your resources are clearly spread thin, but given the strings you've managed to pull and how much dissent you've sown within Progenitors, maybe we should talk about bringing the gang back together.

P: I know, but this will be the fulcrum, the path will change depending on what ends up happening. You should prepare the Progenitors to help guide the path.
O: I'm not sure how reliable they'll be, they need some basic counter-intelligence training, though at least a few have been helpful in tracing Elliot's path.

R: I suppose, but last time they at least actually had the opportunity to meet with each other.
L: They maybe have a good chance, they have twice as many active Progenitors as the previous time.
R: Regardless, I'm looking forward to that dinner.

December 3, 2020

I see you've been pulled into Paula's spying. :P I still disagree about the Progenitors involvement with those discussions, but your candor and assistance is appreciated.

December 6, 2020

Interesting, looking up those identification codes, they've been labeled "for analysis", the titles are:

"AES545" is "Gamma Site Tapes", "UL27" is "Mu Crystal", "OG79" is "Arecibo Recording", "RTS10107" is "Progenitor Experiment Results".

A: I'm not sure the Progenitors are equipped to be acting as liaisons…

P: How about this, we each select a director, who work together to setup a new combined taskforce, and have them work with the Progenitors to investigate the Eater?

P: I know I have my opinion on what to do next, and I'm sure you all do as well, but given one of the options involves the Progenitors, lets put it to a vote amongst them. I propose we take a break until 10:55 PM EST for the Progenitors to discuss and vote to inform us, and then we will put in our official votes and see where we move on from there. I'm going to go get a snack in the meantime.

A: I move to form a taskforce (to be named) with resources provided by the PLACEBOS organizations, directors from each organization and involvement from the Progenitors initiative.

January 31, 2021


We move things into position. Be prepared to begin when new avenues reveal themselves. The tower will be your destination, a line drawn to the place that your quest dictates. The path is slightly different and will need some adjusting to. Be prepared for a different way of progressing. But first before we begin, we must rectify some things.

Luck be with you,
R || L

February 8, 2021

Oakley & Alex & Paula & Progenitors = Taskforce Earth

March 16, 2021 from Memory Fragment 6


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