General Information

P = Paula Lewis

E = Elliot Barker

R = unknown

S = Seekers - has left PERSONAL as of 13Feb2021

O = Oakley Smith

N = Nihil Agency

A = Alexander Clark

L = unknown

The letters spell "PERSONAL"


Will be updated as more information is obtained


December 5, 2020 Oakley Smith

I'll be communicating via the PERSONAL interface, which I believe Paula has hacked to provide limited access to external individuals

I'll open up a channel at 8 PM EST tomorrow.

I'll need all the help we can get for both the recovery effort, along with getting an outside opinion on a proposed alliance that may come up during a founder's meeting taking place later tomorrow night. Please forward the information to anyone you think could provide help and isn't a current PERSONAL employee/member (they should be blocked from accessing the parts of the interface we will be using via PERSONAL protocol).

March 9, 2021 Sun

The morphic box contained a notebook containing the secrets of the organizations and members of PERSONAL. The deep and hidden projects of PLACEBOS, the true nature of the Agency, the structure and key elements of the Seekers, and the history of the REAL. Enough to discover the secrets they wished to keep hidden.

March 19, 2021 John

REAL seems to have some connection to R and L from PERSONAL, but unfortunately the details of PERSONAL are still inaccessible to me.

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