Paula Lewis

General Information

Name: Paula Lewis

Pronouns: she/her/it

Aliases: Paula, PL

Affiliations: Protectors of Liber, PERSONAL, PLACEBOS, The Tower (tentative)

Email: ecaps.murucsbo|lp#ecaps.murucsbo|lp

Role: Arithmetic Engine

Status: Alive (Questionable)


Paula is the founder of the Protectors of Liber, she is also some kind of digital version of her consciousness as stated by Oakley.

Paula might be dead (was murdered?) however she lives on as some kind of mental AI bot. From a message by Oakley:

> Sorry, I forget these things get confusing. Paula uploaded a mental imprint onto PLACEBOS systems a while back during the early days of PLACEBOS when Alexander first got A.E.s working. At some point that mental imprint migrated onto Center systems and had apparently been hiding there monitoring things and recently made contact with me.


Paula's puzzles

Emails since March 2021

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