Name: Paula
Pronouns: she/her (for those we have met so far)
email: retnec.sunretea|siweLP#retnec.sunretea|siweLP
website: Protector of liber (not active)
status: alive?

Paula is somehow hidden in the AC system. She also posts critical remarks on AC messages (in blue).
In the meantime, we know that she is an AI hidden in the Aeternus Center system.

Main concerns:

  • Progenitor
  • A.E.

email from Paula:

I recommend a mind map or wiki to keep track of everything. They are running a lot of experiments, some of which seem potentially concerning.

Progenitor - Operation involving data gathering and manipulation of individuals using simulated environments.
Morphic - Attempts to communicate beyond the boundaries of this reality.
the-tower |Tower - Simulation in preparation of breaking into some old ruins that have proved dangerous in the past.
A.E. - Experiments with artificial intelligence.

I've mostly been concerned with Progenitor and A.E., while Oakley has had strong feelings about projects similar to Morphic and Tower in the past.

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