Other Oakley Parley Chat

Occurred February 2, 2021

os: Welcome. In a few moments, I'll be heading into towards the PLACEBOS warehouse to recover Elliot's Black Box.
os: Can you all see this?
ORCA: yup
rysonbran: Yeah!
os: I believe this channel should be setup so that you don't need to worry about Aeternus Center or other organization members from listening in, so feel free to use it to coordinate and plan.
os: I'll be listening in #os-comms if you urgently need to tell me something, depending on the situation I may not have time to read all the messages sent here as I make my way in. I'll be muted for most of the recovery effort, keeping quiet in case of guards or cameras recording audio.
ORCA: may I ask you a question?
os: Sure? Though we don't have a ton of time, so keep it brief.
os: I believe Starling recently recovered some notes that may be useful for entering the warehouse, so hopefully you have those at hand.
ORCA: Taskforce earth you know what it is?
os: No? Though sounds like something like the PLACEBOS orgs. Like Aeternus Center or Obscurum Space.
ORCA: thanks, that explains some things
os: Anyway, at the moment, I'm at a parking lot across the way. The warehouse is surrounded by chain links fence with "electricity" signs scattered around. On the southeast corner of the compound is a gate with a guard shack next to it, I think there's someone inside.
os: Now if these were normal times, I could go in, show PLACEBOS credentials and hopefully be let in, but I'm not sure how much oversight Alex has over the compound and whether Alex would be alerted if I did that.
os: Thoughts on how I should enter?
just_speculating: Am I going crazy? Didn't we already do this?
just_speculating: Oakley, do you know what today's date is?
os: No? If we did, we wouldn't have to do things again.
os: December 6th.
InsaneScots: I am getting serious deja vu
InsaneScots: We've done this beforw
os: Have you? Is breaking into restricted compounds a common occurrence?
InsaneScots: Oakley, what is groundhog day protocol?
os: I don't know exactly, I believe something Alex and the Morphic team at Aeternus came up with.
os: Something about disentangling morphic resonances, you'd have to ask them.
os: Why?
InsaneScots: Well whatever it is it just activated, something about spatiotemporal shockwaves
os: Strange question, do you have a long string of gibberish that you've received recently?
InsaneScots: An hour of beeps and boops yeah
Spooky: Yep,
os: Maybe on a flashdrive or somesuch.
InsaneScots: Oh maybe
InsaneScots: Spoooooky
Spooky: Oh I've got a one time pad
Spooky: What do you need?
InsaneScots: We also have the one from the morphic box
os: To avoid compromising it, can you add the first 4 digits in hex together.
os: Does it come out to 13?
Spooky: I've got one that comes out to 12
os: @Spooky The one you received comes out to 12?
Spooky: Mine adds to 23, another adds up to 12
Spooky: I believe I was sent the 23 otp
os: Ugh, that's not good.
os: So you say we've done this before, as far as you know, am I still alive?
Spooky: Yes
InsaneScots: Yup perfectly good
Spooky: Give me five minutes, I'm just running around for an SD card reader to confirm
os: @Spooky No need, the difference in OTPs indicates that whoever gave you the drive is not 'me' and you're not the person I gave the drive to.
os: @os If you're here, answer the pager.
os: No clue why I'm not answering my pager. Hopefully I'm just in the shower or something.
os: GDP is going to filter this data out soon.
os: Long story short, somehow something caused this communication medium to skip between realities or time or something (i don't know, ask Alex for details).
os: It sounds like you're ahead by some amount of time.
os: Is there anything critical that we should be aware of?
Spooky: Ignore me im a dummy who can't maths
just_speculating: In case it helps, this is how we helped Oakley get the black box before:
Look around the perimeter for manhole MT12 and go down.
At the "Camera Mains Power" junction box press buttons 1,2,3,6,9,8,7,4 which should turn all lights off, disabling the security cameras.
Continue until you find a combination lock and enter 7 3 1 1 to get through.
Find the back wall and "punch cracked brown brick"
Inside, prop open the door to the offices.
Find the record room, and find record marked SSKX9853 which tells you the location of the black box.
Back inside, find the key in the forklift wheel well and use the forklift to get the black box.

rysonbran: And don't forget to turn the cameras back on before you leave.
InsaneScots: Also after this breakin you have a chance to form a taskforce with us being liaisons between all of you to combat the Eater. Please do your best to make sure it forms, I think its our best bet (in our and your own universe)
Spooky: Yes, we have a taskforce made between the remaining founders made of our group
os: Thank you, that will be very useful if the bright minds in my reality run into trouble.
Do you have any idea what caused the shockwaves/incident/whatever is causing this skip?
InsaneScots: And tell NA to not put their password under their keyboards before they go to ground
os: Will do…
InsaneScots: We've been getting transmissions from the Shatter? Maybe thats it
Spooky: We don't know yet, but in our time it is literally groundhog day so there's that too.
Spooky: So if it's a coincidence that's one hell of one.
os: Also when you talk to Oakley, tell them to keep the pager on them at all times. The only excuse not to be responding is being dead. There's protocols for a reason.
Spooky: We'll see what we can do to get in contact with Oakley and follow up on that.
os: I'm not sure how long is left, but good luck with things on your side.
Here's hoping everyone survives whatever is causing things to crumble.
No offence, but hopefully we don't meet again and each reality stays in its lanes.
just_speculating: If your reality is our past, then please set up another way for us to reach you. That will help us reach our Oakley.

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