Recruitment email

People received the following email from Cole Johnson:

Phase 1 Onboarding has begun for Aeternus Center. If you're still
interested in applying for a division at Aeternus Center, please provide
the following:

Username (a username which will be associated with your email):
Division (the division you'd like to be considered for):

After you've registered a username and division, please try to solve the
following challenges and send a followup email with your solutions (or
partial progress for partial credit):

- Determine what the Dragon is, what its weakness is, and how to open
the door beyond it <https://www.reddit.com/user/AtruCne>.
- Find the record ID that you are supposed to share with your recruiter.
- Listen for a hidden message.

We encourage you to find your fellow recruits and work together to progress.

Further messages will only be sent to Phase 1 participants and those who
have responded with a username/division they are interested in.


After registering with username and division, people could sent in the answers to
Dragon Puzzle
ID Record
hidden message

Having at least three correct answers finalizes the onboarding event.
The email gives us a new Phase 1 puzzle

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