Obscurum Space


Name : Obscurum Space

Alias(es) : OS, Obscurum

Who founded : Oakley Smith

Affiliation(s) : PLACEBOS

Status : unknown




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October 7, 2020 - in an email to a player:

No, it's an acronym for our various organizations. Though only Aeternus and Obscurum remain active, and Obscurum is mostly just monitoring."

December 2, 2020 - Parley Conversation:

O: Do you have anything more concrete to go on? My research hasn't shown much of an increase in S's activities. Though after you (Alex) gutted Obscurum, my resources are a bit thin."

From Taskforce Earth's About page:

Aeternus Center and Obscurum Space are companies founded as part of PLACEBOS, a group formed after a group of friends discovered ancient ruins filled with strange technology and artifacts in the late 20th century. Obscurum was focused on discovering the history of the Ark and what caused it to crash. After many years investigating the ruined pieces of the Ark, Obscurum Space was able to discover that the Ark was fleeing from a threat known as the Eater, some sort of powerful force that brought devastation and destruction to the world that the Ark originated from. While the precise details and scope of the threat is unknown, Obscurum Space has continued to try investigating it. In recent years, members of Aeternus and Obscurum have discovered the existence of a group known as the Seekers who seem to be trying to bring the Eater to our world. While the scale and scope of the group seemed to be negligible, recent actions by their members, including assassination attempts and sabotage has forced Aeternus and Obscurum to work together to stop them and prepare for the threat of the Eater.

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