Number Grid

After we found Aqua Fortis we received this email from Tim


With the wonderful work of all the experts here, we were able to determine that we needed to use a specific compound on some of the pages from the Black Box.
This revealed two new documents. One seems to be a list of 1000 numbers. The other appears to be a series of instructions to enter a set of ruins. Unfortunately it
doesn't specify what ruin, so we may need to solve the former. Additionally, the instructions seem to indicate only a single person should enter the ruins, and that
they should be prepared for spending a week or two down there. The documents and coordination efforts are on our Project Server.

Additionally there are some new reported findings from our contractors at the Rocky Mountains Anomaly, details have been posted in the Project Server. There
appear to be additional individuals who have been sighted at the location.

Further updates may be on a slightly more sporadic weekly schedule as we manage the various teams on the ground.


Tim also posted the following message and document for Project Elliot's Fun Time Adventures - EB:

One thing to decide is who to send into the ruins, current options are one of the contractors we've borrowed from Aeternus or myself. We could also ignore the advice and send multiple people? Additionally we should figure out what items to take down into the ruins, likely it should be something that can be carried by the individual(s) going into the ruins, so you should keep weight restrictions in mind 30-50 lbs.


The hints at the bottom gives the following instructions

1. Search for all quadratic numbers: 1,4,9,16,25,…
2. "%26": do a modulo 26 operation —> which also implies using a A0Z25 code for the result
3. The circular arrow: repeat

First iteration

Searching all quadratic numbers, looking for the refernced number, doing a modulo 26 operation and a A0Z25 mapping

1 —> 149 —> modulo26(149) = 19 —> 20 for A1Z26 = 'T'
4 —> 59 —> modulo26(59) = 7 —> 8 for A1Z26 = 'H'
full table see below


The record isnt here it was wasted time

Second iteration

Doing the same with the new list of referenced numbers

149 —> 14 —> modulo26(14) = 14 —> 15 for A1Z26 = 'O'
59 —> 13 —> modulo26(13) = 13 —> 14 for A1Z26 = 'N'
full table see below


On the right track now try it once again

Third iteration

Doing the same a third time

14 —> 635 —> modulo26(635) = 11 —> 13 for A1Z26 = 'L'
13 —> 690 —> modulo26(690) = 14 —> 15 for A1Z26 = 'O'

finally reveals

Look at anomaly ID AR one zero nine zero

Sending this to Tim via Discord we got this reply:

I'll put in a request for information on that anomaly. I expect we'll get another location to investigate, so it might be good to resolve the other questions before next week so that we can send the preliminary explorer to the site once we have it.

The complete map for all three iterations

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