Nihil Agency


Name : Nihil Agency

Alias(es) : NA

Who founded : ??

Affiliation(s) : PERSONAL

Status : status



They are said to be "off listening to space" and "stargazing", and may be in the UTC-02:00 timezone.

It is unknown if there is one person "NA" who heads up the organization.

We know about a few NA Employees.

Our first introduction to NA was in the PARLEY chat which led us to Reddit user u/NihilAgency (external link)

The important part was at the end of the December 6 Parley Finale:

> P: Anyone solve that signal yet?
> N: No, one person pointed out some useful tools, no one has been able to help decode it. I'll let you know if anyone else redds it and is able to make heads or tails of it.

Per the Agency Drop 2021-04-03, Nihil Agency is "an old organization assembled as a part of the government to investigate strange things and unexplainable phenomenon." Per M14 they interfere with PLACEBOS business.


Signal Puzzles


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