Moon Puzzle

The Fence Puzzle just led to another cryptic message



Loking up the names of the Jupiter and Saturn moons with the roman number and taking the nth letter reveals a new message:

Moon Name # Letter
Jupiter II Europa 3 R
Jupiter VII Elara 1 E
Jupiter XI Carme 1 C
Jupiter XVIII Themisto 8 O
Jupiter XXVII Prarxidike 2 R
Jupiter XXXII Eurydome 5 D
Jupiter XLII Thelxinoe 6 I
Jupiter XLVII Eukelade 7 D
Jupiter LX Eupheme 4 H
Jupiter LXXI Ersa 1 E
Saturn II Enceladus 5 L
Saturn XI Epimetheus 2 P
Saturn XVIII Pan 1 P
Saturn XXVI Albiorix 2 L
Saturn XXXIX Bestla 2 E
Saturn XLIX Anthe 4 H


which let to this Record ID

Help pleH


Last Update: Sept. 23, 2020, midnight

Filed by: ???

Everything is not as it seems. Aeternus Center is much older than what they publicly say, and the work and experiments they perform have deeper and darker goals. I'm hiding in their systems for now, but I don't know how long I can maintain my access. plewis@ will work for now to contact me, but soon they'll get suspicious and I'll need to move elsewhere. Look into everything, trust nothing.

Which finally reveals Paula Lewis's email. Sending a message to her gives us the challenge of finding Oakley Smith and his Puzzletrail

I'm glad that you've made it this far and my messages got out, even with Oakley's interference. The pieces are falling into place, and I don't know whether Oakley is going to be able to stop things alone. Have you gotten in contact with Oakley yet?

Afterwards we got a Paula Code

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