Mission Timpossible

Occurred March 28, 2021

Participants: Tim Malor (TMalor90), players

Before this was Takeover

TMalor90: Okay, I know my way around the compound, and it should be fairly smooth sailing.
TMalor90: Heading towards the parking garage entrance, since it seems like there's no one around there.
TMalor90: If I remember correctly, there's a keypad on the elevator there, should be four digits. Its usually 8421.
TMalor90: Okay, I've made it to the elevator, no one is around, though it looks like someone has been messing with the keypad. It just says "ERROR: ".

Starling: of course they changed the code

TMalor90: Hitting 8421, it says: ERROR: H
TMalor90: There was weird beeping noises coming from it, but I can't really tell the beeps apart.

Starling: ah, beeps. Ummmm
Starling: 8421, error with H, meaning there's an error with the 4 if we go based on the letters assigned with the numbers on a phone pad

TMalor90: Let me know what I should try.

just_speculating: Let’s just try 1111 and see what happens.

TMalor90: Hitting 1111, it says: ERROR: B
TMalor90: Again there were four beeps, though one of them sounded different.

Starling: Ah
joda: Different in what way? Was it higher, lower, longer, shorter, etc?

TMalor90: Sorry, my ability to differentiate tones is pretty bad…

Starling: Ah, gotcha
rysonbran: Tim try 8621

TMalor90: Hitting 8621, it says: ERROR: H
TMalor90: Same original set of four beeps.

ORCA: Tim which one of the 4 beeps was different?
Starling: okay so i'm thinking the error is the second number, i just don't know how to make that work

TMalor90: I think the first one?
TMalor90: I can try doing 1111, 2222, … and see which ones are different?

Starling: um, no, wait
Starling: do we get the error after you hit all four buttons, or as soon as you hit the a certain button?

TMalor90: After all four buttons.

just_speculating: Let’s see what 2222 does

TMalor90: 2222: L

rysonbran: was there a different beep that time?
joda: which beep is different? first, second, third, or 4th

TMalor90: I think either the second or third. Its like four beeps in a quarter of a second, its hard to tell.

ORCA: try 1268

TMalor90: 1268: Q

Scots: Can you try 1234 for me Tim? Just humour me

TMalor90: 1234: Z

Scots: Hows the beeps?

TMalor90: For 1234, I think the first half beeps are different from the second half.

ORCA: try 1248

TMalor90: 1248: ERROR: Š
But the elevator starts going down.
TMalor90: Good job!

joda: Aw I wanted to try 8008

TMalor90: Actually, on that last one it sounded like all the beeps were longer than the previous short beeps.

Scots: Neat?
joda: We're making progress with your beep differentiation!

TMalor90: Okay, I'm in the main entrance.
TMalor90: The hallway to get down into the main labs is across the room.
TMalor90: Though a bit anxious of what I'll do if I encounter people?

Starling: Remember? You're meant to be there. You were meant to return after exploring, why wouldn't you be there?
rysonbran: we all get anxious encountering people
ORCA: just look in their eyes and smile

TMalor90: Thanks, will do. I'll continue along.

Starling: Head up, shoulders back, think "i'm meant to be here" and walk

TMalor90: Okay, proceeding past the reception desk into the next room.

joda: Anxiety is relatable Tim, we'll find you a xanax or something later sweet child
rysonbran: or a joint

TMalor90: Hmm, usually the receptionist buzzes me in. There's a set of double doors at the end of the hallway with a green button next to them.
TMalor90: Trying the doors, they seem to be locked.

just_speculating: Is there a button at the receptionist desk that opens the doors?

TMalor90: I can check.
TMalor90: Looks like there's an unlabeled button underneath the desk. Should I press it?

Starling: do you think the receptionist presses that button to let you in?

TMalor90: Maybe? I just usually talk to the receptionist and then by the time I get through the hallway, the far door is unlocked.

Starling: because if you haven't seen them press that button, or move like they are, i don't trust it
Starling: usually unmarked buttons under desks are for silent security alarms
Starling: any notes or anything at the desk?

TMalor90: Nothing obvious, its really cleanly.

joda: Could there be something on the computer?

TMalor90: There's no computer here, the receptionist usually has a laptop when they're here. I assume they've taken it with them or its somewhere else.

ORCA: Tim according to your instinct, do you feel any danger coming from the desk button?

TMalor90: :person_shrugging: No clue.

rysonbran: And there's literally no other buttons?

TMalor90: Other than the button next to the door.

Starling: and the door button is green?

TMalor90: Yes.

ORCA: green is good, right?
joda: :yeet:
joda: Go ahead and give that button a try please love
joda: The green door one, I mean.

TMalor90: Okay.
TMalor90: The door opens.

Starling: we're overthinking things again. Sorry Tim

TMalor90: Proceeding through, this is a small electrical lab space, there's a door on the far side.
TMalor90: Hmm, its usually unlocked, but right now its locked.
TMalor90: There's a small lockoboxnext to the door, that I think has the key, though its locked.
TMalor90: It takes a 3 digit code.
TMalor90: It seems someone has graffitied it.
TMalor90: There are a few bands of color along the top.
TMalor90: Red
TMalor90: Yellow
TMalor90: Orange
TMalor90: Black
TMalor90: Brown
TMalor90: Blue

joda: Are any of the buttons in corresponding colours?
Starling: 733?

TMalor90: No, its just some spinning dials, three of them, each 0-9.

just_speculating: 243

TMalor90: Good job!
TMalor90: Grabbing the key.

Starling: to which one?

TMalor90: 243.
TMalor90: It unlocks the door.
TMalor90: I'm putting the key back to avoid raising suspicion.

joda: Smort.

TMalor90: Heading down, huh, looks like someone jury-rigged an electronic lock here.
TMalor90: There's a weird looking lock with 3 switches, labeled:
There are six lights beneath it, currently the first three are lit.

just_speculating: What kind of switches? Like on/off?

TMalor90: They appear to be, yeah. All of them are currently in the down position.

ORCA: can you try to light up the last 3

TMalor90: How?

Starling: Tim, for the heck of it
Starling: try a, b, c
Starling: does it work

TMalor90: Yeah, that seems to do it. All 6 lights are on, and the door swings open.

joda: lit

TMalor90: This next room has a search terminal. If you think it would be useful, we can try searching for something to see where it is located, otherwise I can go down to the labs and hope its still where it used to be?

Starling: Do you know the terminology they'd use for it? or no?
Starling: also, would your searches be hidden or would admin's be able to see what you looked up

TMalor90: Unfortunately the system is a bit archaic and old, and searches must be made up of four common nouns.
I don't, usually there's a researcher here who helps with the searches.

ORCA: How far are the labs?

TMalor90: A few more floors down.

Starling: four common nouns? any rhyme or reason to them?

TMalor90: Something about accidentally deleting some archival system and having to fill it in with an old language parsing system, and no one ever got around to fixing it.

just_speculating: So what happens if you just enter “box” four times?
joda: This is why librarians are important. They keep the archives all nice.

TMalor90: It returns an entry about cardboard boxes being down in packaging.

ORCA: try box paper vial box
Scots: Add explorers instead of the second use of box

TMalor90: First gives "Chemical Storage Box" in the chemistry lab.
TMalor90: Second gives "Bifurcus Black Box" being in packaging.

Starling: well then

TMalor90: Huh, that's strange. Why would it be getting packaged for shipping.

Starling: we might need to hurry then
Scots: Get down there and find out
rysonbran: Go go go
Starling: but safe, and like you belong

TMalor90: I know the rough direction to packaging, but don't usually go that way so it'll be new territory.
TMalor90: Give me a moment.

joda: The box is important and personal delivery is required. Or something.
Starling: I believe in you, Tim
joda: No worries Tim you sweet child

TMalor90: Okay, this section has another receptionist desk before entering this part of the facility. Another set of locked doors, no convenient button next to the door, though there's a computer on the desk here.

joda: Actually Tim, how old are you?
Starling: okay, let's take a look at the computer i suppose
joda: I'm calling you my child because I feel like we're mama hens guiding our lil chick to victory, but for all I know you're 87 years old.

TMalor90: I'm old enough to drink.

Starling: Good enough for me
joda: Tim oppa
Starling: OMFG NO, JODA
rysonbran: Life of a Teenage Tim
Starling: time and place

TMalor90: Looking at the computer, there's a weird game on it. Not sure how to close the game. There's a 'door control app' on the desktop behind the game, but I can't click it.

rysonbran: What's the game?
ORCA: so let's play Tim

TMalor90: Some sort of gambling game. There's a set of dice, and then a set of hands you need to get, and some buttons to get re-rolls.

joda: Yahtzee?

TMalor90: There's 8 six-sided dice.
There's a slot to drag dice to for:
4 of a kind
4 in a row
two pairs
4 in a row + 4 of a kind
There's buttons to reroll a subset of dice (up to three times) and then to get a new hand.
TMalor90: The dice are currently: 2,3,4,3,4,2,6,5

Starling: wait,. you have three pairs right there
Starling: and this is a game of chance, the heck
joda: Submit 2 and 3 for two pairs, oppa.

TMalor90: Okay. That's marked off.
TMalor90: I still have 4,4,5,6.

joda: Hold the two 4s and reroll 5 and 6

TMalor90: 4,4,2,5 and two rerolls left.

Starling: Tim, stupid question
Starling: can you not just alt+f4 the game

TMalor90: Should I try?

joda: Ye
rysonbran: yes

TMalor90: Yup, it closes.

joda: LMAO
Starling: OMFG

TMalor90: The controls are accessible now. Should I unlock the doors?

joda: Yes please love
just_speculating: Aww

TMalor90: Okay, doors open. Continuing through.
TMalor90: This room seems sketchy.
TMalor90: There's a bunch of pedestals.

Starling: oh no

TMalor90: On them are strange items.

just_speculating: Don’t touch anything. Tell us what you see.

TMalor90: There's a weird orange crystal labeled 'Gamma', there's a hard drive labeled 'PL', there's a metal box labeled 'PERSONAL', there's a compass labeled 'Tower'.

joda: Are there any items of equal weight hanging around? You may have to be Timdiana Jones
Starling: ohhhhhhh damn son
Starling: okay, okay, we need to figure this shit out
Starling: because holy fuck, i want all of them

TMalor90: There's a door on the other side of the room the proceeds onwards towards receiving.

Starling: this has to be a trap

TMalor90: It does seem a little odd that these items are just all here in a random room on pedestals.

Starling: do you see anything else?

TMalor90: Not other than the pedestals, objects, and doors.

Starling: the box is in shipping, so we'd go through receiving to get there?
Starling: let's move on, let's not get greedy

TMalor90: Well, the box is in packaging, which is next to receiving and shipping.

joda: Not today Satan.
just_speculating: Eyes on the prize
Starling: okay, then we're moving on, ignore the items, we have to for now
Starling: if we get caught up in this, we could miss our chance for the black box

TMalor90: Next room, this one I know about because people were complaining in the break room about.
TMalor90: Apparently its a guarded door, where there's two scales which the two guards need to stand on to let people through. There were complaints about needing to weigh, so now the guards just have them set to open if there's two 42 kg bags on the sensors, and they keep the actual bags on their persons.
Its a whole mess.
Fortunately they still have the leftovers here, so you might be able to fashion something to open the door.
There's a large container filled with a lot of 1 kg balls, and then a couple of sacks labeled 11kg, 30kg, 70kg, and two 100kg bags that can be filled from the container.
To trigger the sensors, you'll need to put 42kg on each sensor.

Starling: okay, so we need to make TWO 42kg bags

TMalor90: Yeah.
TMalor90: Oh, I've got this one.
TMalor90: One secret.

Starling: you do?

TMalor90: I'm good at counting.

Starling: MY HERO
rysonbran: Oh good, we're not lmao

TMalor90: So I'll just count 42 of the 1kg balls out.

ORCA: Tim .-.
rysonbran: tone deaf but good at counting
joda: :oprah_saranghae:
Starling: seriously, get back to Mass safe, and i will get you coffee

TMalor90: Okay, made it through.
TMalor90: The next door has a keyboard on it, taking a 6 letter thing.
TMalor90: There's also a small vent nearby where it looks like someone is doing some cleaning, there's one of those small vent cleaning bots at the entrance of it.

Scots: a roomba?

TMalor90: Sort of. There's a remote to control it and a camera in front of its wipers.

Starling: ohhh, so someone could seeeeeeee
Starling: can we trap it?

TMalor90: Trap it how?

joda: Are there any bags of dirt nearby? Feed the baby.
rysonbran: Is the remote there?

TMalor90: No, the vents still seem a bit filthy.
TMalor90: Yes, the remote is here.
TMalor90: Looks like it was abandoned mid-use.

Starling: that's interesting
rysonbran: can you grab the remote and power it up? see if it functions?
Scots: use it to see if anyone is in the other room?

TMalor90: Yeah, it seems to work. The controls are fairly intuitive.

just_speculating: Can you just push/pull the door and see if it’s unlocked first?

TMalor90: Alas, this one is locked.

Starling: Figured, but thank you for confirming
rysonbran: drive that baby into the vents timtam, can you see what the robot sees through the camera?

TMalor90: Yeah, driving it into the vent, it goes about a meter, before continuing forward, along with a path to the right.
TMalor90: The path to the right seems to dead end after another meter.
TMalor90: The path forward seems to go about a meter before turning.

joda: Go forward then I guess

TMalor90: Going forward for a meter, and then turning I drive forward another 2 meters before it branches again.
TMalor90: Here it branches to the right and also forward.

joda: Yeet yeet my child

TMalor90: Which way?

ORCA: the room is in front of you right?
rysonbran: Tim which direction did the path turn

TMalor90: The path turned right.

rysonbran: All turns thus far have been right turns?

TMalor90: Yes.
| |
O +
TMalor90: Something like that so far.

rysonbran: Is the vent on the same side of the room as the door?

TMalor90: Its on the wall to the left of the door.

rysonbran: Go straight

TMalor90: Going straight another meter. The vent continues straight, but there's also a path at a angle to the right, back from where the drone came.
| |
O +

rysonbran: Okay tim, backtrack one step and go right
just_speculating: Love the map drawing skills Tim!
Scots: Hey Tim, try FRIEND as the password for me

TMalor90: Backtracking and going right, it continues a meter before splitting, two paths on the left forwardish and backwardish and one forward.
TMalor90: Huh, that did it. FRIEND opens the door.

Starling: OMFG
Scots: Good thing AC are all nerds

TMalor90: Continuing onward, the next room is completely empty and quiet, there's a door onward across the room.
TMalor90: Should I continue?

Starling: sus
joda: :amongus_shh:
Starling: Completely empty and quiet? Lights on? Anything?
rysonbran: Anything out of the ordinary?

TMalor90: Overhead lights are on.
TMalor90: Nothing out of the ordinary.

just_speculating: Not even a button to push this time.

TMalor90: Nope.

joda: Can you do me a huge favour tim?

TMalor90: Sure?

joda: Can you turn your hands into a little gun and hold it up to your face
Starling: noooooo
joda: While you slowly cross the room
rysonbran: don't question it it's entirely necessary
Starling: noooo, im against this
Starling: no
Starling: Tim

TMalor90: The ayes have it.

joda: If you'd like you can also hum a little spy tune

TMalor90: I start proceeding across the rooms.

rysonbran: go tim go go tim go

TMalor90: I can't hum a tune to save my life.

rysonbran: Tim we really need to get you some music classes
joda: that's okay it was just for atmosphere
Starling: we're trying to not get caught
joda: well he's not humming
rysonbran: tim?

TMalor90: Okay, I've made it across.
TMalor90: I'm in receiving. I can see packaging next door, it looks like the Black Box has been moved there.
TMalor90: Huh.
TMalor90: Well, that's interesting.

Starling: care to share with the class?

TMalor90: It appears that a set of items was delivered in the last couple hours.

joda: Timbles pls hit enter I have anxiety

TMalor90: From a company called "Shapeways", apparently the Gamma Crystal, PL Drive, PERSONAL Box, and Ancient Compass, destination being a room upstairs (potentially the one we saw).
From a location referred to as "E. Warehouse", a set of objects described as a "Strange Power Source (HB)", a "Vibrating Sphere (ArkT)", a "Memory Bank (T)", and a "Ancient Frequency Modulator (DL Rec)", destination being the "Deep Vault".
The "Deep Vault" is a storage unit deeper within the facility, a few floors down. Afaik, there's nothing currently kept in there, though maybe now it contains these new items.
Heading to the packaging room, there's a cargo elevator that leads out of the facility. I could take the box and take the cargo elevator out, and should be home free.
Though the Deep Vault is also reasonably close and this might be the only time to be able to access it.
Up to you all.

Scots: Can you tell where the Black Box was supposed to be shipped to btw?

TMalor90: No, the paperwork here is only for receiving. Not seeing any paperwork here for shipping.

Starling: Tim, how safe do you feel right now?

TMalor90: At the moment, reasonably safe. It seems like we've taken on this project at a time that security is lax around here.

Starling: Do you feel comfortable attempting the Deep Vault? Or do you personally think we're better off taking the black box and running?
Starling: I want your personal opinion please

TMalor90: I could go either way.
TMalor90: You all are the ones with a better idea of what's valuable.

Starling: … You're valuable too, Tim. As is your opinion
Starling: Tim, how are you going to carry all of this out?
Scots: and where are you gonna keep it?

TMalor90: Not sure how large the items are, but if I can get them to the cargo elevator, then taking it up and then moving things to my car shouldn't be too big of an issue.
The Taskforce has a storage location that's not owned by Aeternus, it just doesn't have any of the lab spaces and analysis devices we've been using that Aeternus has access to.

Starling: Okay, okay. Then let's at least try
Starling: Deep Vault?
Starling: but be ready to fucking SCATTER if necessary, Tim

TMalor90: Okay, heading in that direction.

Starling: getting the items doesn't matter if you don't live
joda: Your safety has to come before any items. No matter how shiny and valuable they are.

TMalor90: Uh. There's someone here, they're trying to chat me up. Help, what should I say?

Starling: UH
joda: Chat you up as in flirt?
Starling: Whomst?

TMalor90: ???: Hi, do you have a moment?
TMalor90: (use "Tim: …" for how I should respond.)

ORCA: Do they have a badge?

TMalor90: They don't have a badge.

ORCA: Tim: Sure what do you need?

TMalor90: ???: It will just be a minute. I'm new here, and was wondering if I could ask you some questions?

Scots: Tim: Only got a time for a couple, what do you need?

TMalor90: Seb: I'm Seb, recently joined the Eternals after running into them while out exploring some of my local ruins. I had some questions about how the whole Seekers/Eternals/Sun/Moon thing works?
TMalor90: Seb: Cal said those would best be answered in person, rather than over email.

rysonbran: Tim: I know just as much as you, they haven't said much

TMalor90: Seb: Ah, sorry you seemed to be on top of things with the way you were walking around. Could I at least ask you about these codeword thing, does it identify other Eternals or Seekers more in general?
TMalor90: Seb: I guess more generally, what's the line between the Seekers and Eternals? Are we on friendly terms or have things split up after they interfered with Eternals business in January?

rysonbran: Tim: I'd suggest asking someone higher up the food chain, I have the same questions you do and it seems they're harder to answer than I would've thought.

TMalor90: Seb: Ah, will see if they cover some more of it during the sessions. What did you say your name was again?

ORCA: Tim: You can call me John ;)

TMalor90: Seb: Well, pleasure to meet you John. Hopefully I'll see you around at sessions or at the acolyte mixer. I'll let you get on your way.

rysonbran: Tim: Nice to meet ya, hope you get answers to your questions.

TMalor90: Phew, Seb walked away.
TMalor90: Continuing onward.
TMalor90: Okay, almost to the stairs down. There's a long corridor ahead of me. Peeking around, I can see a guard walking back and forth down the hallway, I could try bluffing them again, or move forward while they're walking away and try hiding in one of the alcoves until they pass?

rysonbran: Alright Timbourine we're going to abandon this plan so head back up to the packaging room, retrieve the black box, and get outta there asap
joda: Sorry for the hassle Timberella, we all have anxiety and one social interaction is enough for today.

TMalor90: Okay, heading back. Hopefully I don't get spotted.

rysonbran: Please be safe Timbelina

After some time

TMalor90: Ugh….
TMalor90: I just got hit from behind.
TMalor90: I'm not sure where I am.
TMalor90: It looks like a prison cell.

rysonbran: Are you physically okay?

TMalor90: I have a bruise on my head.
TMalor90: I'm locked in a cage.
TMalor90: Wait, hold on.
TMalor90: The cage isn't locked. O_O

rysonbran: What's outside the cage?
just_speculating: Do you still have all your stuff?

TMalor90: Looks like some brick walls. There's a door.
TMalor90: Yeah, I have my phone and other gear. Looks like I was just dumped in here.

joda: Can you hear anything?

TMalor90: No?

rysonbran: Get out of the cage, CAREFULLY peek through the door, try and see if there's anyone around or if it's just you
joda: Timbles we love you

TMalor90: There's a key in the keyhole of the cage, with an attached note:
Prisons (You Are Here) - 1203
Deep Vault - 9001
Exit - 10
Emergency Safe Room - 444
N-1 N+1
TMalor90: Looking out the door, I don't see anyone immediately around, but there's a center space with similar rooms on the NW/NE/SW/SE corners. The wall has the number '1203' written on it, and then twisty passages going N,S,W,E.
TMalor90: Any idea where I should go?
TMalor90: Not sure how long there won't be anyone around.

joda: Give us one moment please, we're scrambling.
Scots: numbers are hard
just_speculating: I missed a beat. The Black Box is still somewhere in a room we can’t get to?

TMalor90: The black box is probably still in packaging, if we can get to the exit, it will hopefully lead back to the main facility, somewhere near packaging and the cargo elevator out.

joda: Okay. We're going to try to get you to the exit. Give us a moment while we figure out the best course of action.
Scots: Head through the west passage Tim

TMalor90: Heading that way.
TMalor90: Now in another space with the number 1202 written on the walls. Paths to the N,S,E,W.

Scots: West again

TMalor90: Heading that way.
TMalor90: Now in another space with the number 1201 written on the walls. Paths to the N,S,E,W.

just_speculating: West one more

TMalor90: Now in 1200. The same four paths.

just_speculating: South three times to room 150

TMalor90: That will take a bit of time, I'll let you know once I get there.

joda: No worries. Stay safe.

TMalor90: Now in 150. The same four paths.

Scots: one more south

TMalor90: Now in 75.

Scots: 5 rooms east to 80

TMalor90: Now in 80.

Scots: South until you get to 10

TMalor90: Now in 10. There's a set of stairs leading out from here.

Scots: thats your exit

TMalor90: Okay, I'm back at the main facility. I'll head back towards packaging or should I just leave?

Scots: go get the box and head out
just_speculating: Watch your back a bit this time.

TMalor90: :thumbsup:
TMalor90: I've made it out. Heading to my car with the box.

joda: Thank god
rysonbran: Good job Tim

TMalor90: Anyway, it has been a long day. I'm going to get this somewhere safe and then turn in for the night. Not sure if we'll have updates right away or if it will be a few days while we sort out what's going on with AC. I'd guess that they might know I've stolen the box, given they tossed me into a cell, so we may not be on the best of terms.

Scots: We will sort it out when it comes to it
Scots: you did what we as TE thought was best
joda: Thank you for all your work today timberella. whatever happens, you did great

Which led to the Eater and a conversation with the Transcendent

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