Memory Fragment 16

Fragment 16 appeared immediately as "solved" as:

Memory 16: Remembered with 0 Fragments

Additionally, in the website title a letter "r" linked to emailing eno.laerehtegrof|r#eno.laerehtegrof|r with subject "R" and a letter "l" linked to emailing eno.laerehtegrof|l#eno.laerehtegrof|l with subject "L".

Emailing L didn't result in anything helpful.

> Hi. Sorry. Your address showed up on the website. Do you know anything about Fragment 16?
< No, you'd have to ask R.
> So, you're used to talking to R. How exactly do you ask a question you'd like them to respond to?
< It usually just works out.

Emailing R resulted in mind-bending agony because R talks by responding to something you haven't said yet. This is one exchange, showing R's part only:

Yes, with it what's that last part?

Ah, I see you've got the last part. For completion, here is the last fragment, encoded with that answer: BHQPFGNFKWFJLLRKXHPBYEBBUVRXZIELFFWXXLXSEUIEYQRGMZMPMSZ

Good, that's correct. Now take four steps back for the key to the secret at the top.

Bon voyage.


By giving reasonable responses and keeping R talking, we got the information above.
The "last part" refers to the last letters of all previous Fragments (15 back to 1), which spells "HEPASTORPRESENT". After adding a "T" for the current Fragment (which hadn't been solved yet, but of course is part of the puzzle because of R's time-funkiness) we got "the last part":


Using that as a key to vigenere-decode the encoded message gives:


Additionally, if we don't take the last letter of each answer but instead go four steps back we get:


Apparently this is "the key to the secret at the top". Or, as R put it in an email to someone else:

That's for the entrance to the secret space at the tower's top.

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