Memory Fragment 11

The forgetherealone site was updated with memory fragment 11. Except there was no puzzle. Only the usual way to submit the solution by emailing eno.laerehtegrof|tnemgarf#eno.laerehtegrof|tnemgarf with a subject of "Fragment 11".

We submitted Fragment 10 and got back:

Unable to parse image.

We submitted a random image and got back:

Unable to find constellation.

Submitting an image of Ursa Major returned:


and submitting Lynx returned:



We assumed that we were getting back the correct position(s) of the first letter of the constellation name. So after a few more attempts we had:

A: Andromeda  15/24/53/61
E: Eridanus   5/9/13/18/34/38/44/57/63
H: Hercules   2/8/23/46/51
L: Lynx       4/41
S: Scorpius   11/59/64
U: Ursa Major 49


At that point we got:

Unable to find classic alchemical symbol.
Unable to find egyptian numeral.

We had to switch to images containing those two symbols. "Tin 1" returned positions for "T", while "Tin 2" returned positions for "I".

Once we guessed most of the letters:

A: Andromeda  15/24/53/61
D: Gold 4:    19
E: Eridanus   5/9/13/18/34/38/44/57/63
G: Gold 1     50/62
H: Hercules   2/8/23/46/51
I: Tin 2      3/16/20/28/30/32/36/42
L: Lynx       4/41
M: Bismuth 4  14/29/37/52
N: Tin 3      17/21/54/56
O: Gold 2     6/40/48
P: Platinum 1 26
R: Water 5    10/12/27/47
S: Scorpius   11/59/64
T: Tin 1      7/22/25/31/35/39/45/60
U: Ursa Major 49
V: Silver 4   33/43
W: Water 1    1/58

we had our solution:


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