General Information

Name: Livingston

Pronouns: Unknown

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Nihil Agency

Email: ycnega.lihin|an#ycnega.lihin|an (shared with Spencer Klars), ycnega.lihin|tcatnoc#ycnega.lihin|tcatnoc (possibly shared)

Status: Alive


Replied when we contacted ycnega.lihin|tcatnoc#ycnega.lihin|tcatnoc.
Was the initial contact during the M0 Signal puzzle.
During that initial time, Spencer Klars said Livingston was keeping secrets from us.
In December 2020 switched to "other priorities running the Agency and investigating other things" per Spencer.
In the M0 Signal puzzle M12 we were secretly told by the other side that "LIVINGSTONDANGER".

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