While interacting with Oakley Smith he sent out a contact form on the obscurum space website:

Do you have any information about the state of Aeternus's projects?
For now, please have any individuals concerned about Aeternus fill out the form at https://obscurum.space/contact.
I will keep on trying to gather intel about the current state of projects and will send out an update once I have a better idea of the state of things, and the resources available.

Paula was one of the people involved with the original discovery that led to Aeternus Center and others. Do you have a means to contact Paula?

Player are able to leave their real post address. Soon several players receive letters


Using a blacklight at the letter reveals:




  • the letter
  • a strange thing that might spell "TrUTH"
  • A card: 6 of spades with letter "C"
  • A coin


  • the letter
  • some transparent overlay keys
  • A card: 6 of clubs with letter "D"
  • A coin


  • the letter
  • A SD memory card
  • A card: 6 of diamonds with letter "O"
  • A coin

Files memory file

There may come a time when normal avenues of communication prove unsafe.

  • OTP.dat

Very big file. Not uploaded here at the moment - might be added in future.


polaroid.jpg InsaneScotsCard.jpg
  • the letter
  • A polaroid (showing a D&D player handbook edition 3.5)
  • A card: 6 of heats with letter "U"
  • A coin


The polaroid which showed the D&D Player Handbook was the important hint.
There is a D&D spell Zone of TRUTH which can be used for the overlays

We really struggled to make a perfect overlay because it seems there a different versions of the book available. Oakley sent us the PDF which has the correct layout:

This led to the following solution:

"Within Tower"
"Speak the words"

which hints towards a Backdoor in the Discord Simulation
The cards seem to be part of another Cards Puzzle

More letters

Besides the four puzzle letters, people recieved letters with 4 more cards


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