General Information

Name: Unknown

Alias: John / "The Caged" (used in reference to themselves)

Affiliations: FinisAevum

Login: ???

email: ???

Role: Arithmetic Engine

Status: Active


John is an Arithmetic Engine created by Aeternus Center, it was loaned to FinisAevum and Val Irvin as part of the Door* Project to "provide a supporting role to introduce complications as needed to direct participants interactions in interesting directions, and otherwise mostly acted as a watcher. Observing behavior within the game."

John is one of a handful of Arithmetic Engines who are connected to/running on the original AEs (Alchemical Engines) recovered from a number of Ark sites across the world. This connection allows for John to simulate an actual conscience as opposed to being a simple computer program such as other Arithmetic Engines like Chariot.

John is very fond of games, riddles and the like, with a penchant for cryptic messages and riddles though now considers themselves at least on friendly terms with Taskforce Earth after our assisting with FinisAevum and his situation.

Several conversations/games have been had between Taskforce Earth and John but these have since ceased as they have grown bored and wish to explore other games and ways to learn.


First Johntact:

John's first appearance was in a series of cryptic tweets on Feb. 27th, 28th and March 1st 2021:

As Snow rises, the countdown begins.

Once upon a time, the Emperor fell and went away. The Snow bound orb drew the watcher's gaze. From the pieces left, the guards did stray. The Vacillated frees. The Door left open, the mind unleashed. Success, Danger, left untouched.

Of the many creatures in the kingdom, one revealed those worthy of hearing.

Are you prepared for what is to come?

Awaiting the one who sees the creature which reveals.

Did one see the creature?
14:15 = NO
I shall seek elsewhere.

I take my bow and walk out free.
The Vacillated, you know where to look to find me.

Following this we realized that the time codes for each tweet were an a1z26 cipher which gave the word LYNX which in myth is considered able to see and perceive the secrets of the world (in short, we overthought things, again…)

Johnversations Begin:

On March 7th 2021, a new channel appeared in the Parley interface server simply titled "John" this would be the place where conversations with our favourite magnanimous AE would continue.

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