Chat (January 31)

R joined.
L joined.

R: Barely, but must we step in now?
L: Are you prepared?
R: Do we really have to wait for things to get so dire though? We could just fix things.
L: Causality dictates we must, their explorations will soon put them in a position to alter things.
R: Fair enough, though do you really expect them to make it to the Tower with their current resources.
L: Every world has to make their own path. We're just adjusting things slightly.
R: Have you considered the proposal to rectify that?
L: Good question, the Seekers have eliminated more in the in-between time than in other worlds.
R: Just in case though, the ones who really know how to operate the systems are gone or at risk.
L: I don't think that's necessary, there are methods to course correct available to them.
R: Letting them save themselves seems risky.
L: Knowledge about the avenues can still be found.
R: Nearly every time, there is interference. Would it really make all that much of a difference?
L: Maybe, but if we break our own rules, then the impact up and down is unknowable.
R: Perhaps you're right. Its just frustrating to watch and wait and nudge, when we could just divert everything.
L: Once you cross the line, crossing back is impossible.
R: Really different. But things here are on their path. The Seekers, the Taskforce, the Agency, and the Real must be in place.
L: Quick action can lead to unknowable consequences. What would the world be if the Shatter remained unchecked?
R: This was always the first move.
L: Shall we begin?
R: Very small actions alter courses, this is just a small but direct one.
L: Usually it was less direct though.
R: XVI steps to climb, but
L: Whatever you say…
R: Zero ways to avoid their fate.
L: You could just say sixteen.

R left.
L left.


We move things into position. Be prepared to begin when new avenues reveal themselves. The tower will be your destination, a line drawn to the place that your quest dictates. The path is slightly different and will need some adjusting to. Be prepared for a different way of progressing. But first before we begin, we must rectify some things.

Luck be with you,

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