Initiate Simulation

After the RECURSIVE puzzle we activated the tower and could use two commands:


not used, yet

INITIATE_SIMULATION [Username], [Username], [Username], [Username]

We found that we needed for registere Aeternus members. Since at this time only a limited number of players where cooperating three players (AUZ505, Scots, Spooky) we added Cole Johnson as the fourth one (which was not a good decision - as we found later)

After sending in

INITIATE_SIMULATION AUZ505, c.johnson, Scots, Spooky

the four users where asked to confirm

Awaiting Response from XXX

DECLINE [reason]

Simulation 19194125

after all four (yes, c.johnson accepted) we recieved this:

Parameter: VIEW_REPLAY

Time and time again, explorers venture here to discover the secrets of the Tower of Lost Times.

But time and time again, their time here ends and the progress they make is lost to the ether.

Now you are here, and soon you'll fail. Will your knowledge of what you've discovered be preserved until the next time someone encounters the Tower?

You find yourself in front of a large door at the base of a Tower. The Tower rises imposingly above you.

The door is slightly ajar.

[Awaiting 4/4 Images]

We sent in images of doors opening. Since c.johson as ingame player did not sent such an image, we were stuck with 3/4 images.

Warning: 3/4 Responses Accepted.
Warning: Simulation Timeout Imminent.

and finally the simulation terminated

Error: Simulation Timeout.

Awaiting Simulation Parameters for 19194126.
Expected Response:

Awaiting Simulation Initialization.
Expected Response:



Simulation 19194126

This time we were able to initiate a new simulation without usernames at all

After sending in "NEW SIM" we could "INITIATE SIMULATION" and recieved this

Initializing Endpoint:

Leading to the Discord simulation

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