Our first encounter with Ichor was upon solving the Bifurcus Site as part of the Project Bifurcus Black Box puzzle system for Taskforce Earth.

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Context Received

According to Elliot Barker:

The four pages with your (referencing PL, Ac, and OS) symbols have been coated in a compound that will only reveal itself with the Ichor. Unless you've come across more since we've spoken, you must choose your path and then proceed down it. Once you truly understand what I am showing you, more Ichor can be discovered to take you down another path.

Upon solving Elliot's Fun Time Adventures: EB:

Here now, I tell you how to find the Tower. Within this chest are two vials. One, another vial of Ichor, with which to unlock another path. The other, a distilled Aqua Regia which when used with the the rusted pages will reveal a schematic to build a compass which will lead you to the Tower. You will need to use pieces of one of the Engines we discovered, the Icarus artifact, the Gamma Site Crystal, and a vial of Ichor to act as the resonance catalyst in order to construct it.

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