We need the Icarus Artifact for the Tower Compass.


Elliot's Fun Time Adventures: EB Letter

Hopefully you understand that there are deeper layers beneath things, while you
might think you understand the truth of things and purpose of things, many
things have many purposes, deeper meanings. You must look beyond the top layer
in order to discover what else may be lurking in the shadows. If you've followed
PL's path, you understand the truth of the Ark. If you followed AC's path, you
have recovered the Icarus artifact. If you followed OS's path, then you know what
can be done when the Tower is within your power. Here now, I tell you how to find
the Tower. Within this chest are two vials. One, another vial of Ichor, with which
to unlock another path. The other, a distilled Aqua Regia which when used with the
the rusted pages will reveal a schematic to build a compass which will lead you
to the Tower. You will need to use pieces of one of the Engines we discovered, the
Icarus artifact, the Gamma Site Crystal, and a vial of Ichor to act as the
resonance catalyst in order to construct it. Be warned, the other paths are
critical for your understanding of what and how to reach this piece of the


Parley Message March 31, 2021

Global Message:

Whoever else is poking around these systems, I'll sync with you once I've caught up with my family and associates.

Don't mess with the terminal.

I'm taking the Icarus device offline until I ascertain the state of the world.


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