Hunting Frances

Remark: The events described are not complete/verified since the author was not involved in the activities

Magus sent a message:

We've recovered some partial notes, and are trying to track down a place they might lead to:

when you arrive, you'll want to rent a moped. though I'd recommend you stop at the ice cream place first to get some tasty treats.
or if you prefer, blocks of fudge is also tasty.
depending on the weather, you might also want to get a hat from the mad hatter.
once you've gotten your treats, take the chapel to the water and continue until dodge.
take a right before it turns into the ocean and continue a fair amount.
keep an eye to your left.
if you see a land-locked chief pond, you'll want to turn around.
once you've passed an intersection on your right, you should stop.
climb the stairs over a rock wall.
nearby is the sacred location.
green leads to your escape.

If you're able to figure out anything about this, that would be great.

It seems he is hunting for Frances Austin since he also messaged:

I don't have very many details, trying to track down an old employee who went missing.
It's probably referencing some location on or near the east coast of the US.
I can see if we can get any further details.


We figured out that the location should be:

New Storeham, RI
Block Island


Next message from Magus:

We came across the following image believed to have been taken from somewhere near the location.

We believe the target has likely recovered whatever was at the location, though hopefully we can call in a favor to get some satellite images of the area and/or question any potential witnesses for clues about the target's next moves.

Any information you can discover would be valuable.

So it seems an unknown person recovered whatever Magus is looking for. But than he messaged us again:

Crawling the internet, we found a potentially relevant posting (
We're in the process of making contact and recovering the folder in case it is relevant.

So the unknown person wants to give back what he found (post not available anymore !).
We tried to get it, but AC was faster and Tim Malor was faster

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