Spatiotemporal Messages

People, involved in the former Door ARG received a message for a soundcloud account named "Spatiotemporal" (external link)

This account originally had a single audio file titled "Message 00" but has since been updated to include an additional 4 messages from sources unknown (though presumed to be realities further in the future than our own).

Message 00 (Sept. 11th 2020)

"There's not much time I'm hoping this has reached you. It's too late for us, soon if things are left on their current trajectory your world will come to an end. Brought to darkness as something breaks free and consumes everything in existence. The paths to stop it are there, but buried and hidden in the noise. Save Francis, help Oakley, stop the Center, Find Finis Aevum."

Message 01 (Oct. 6th 2020)

" Fragments fourfold. The Tower looms large but those who climb it know not the next step. The end of age comes, but risks must be taken. The others wait and watch history come together, four times waiting and watching and climbing and falling. The Center recruits and questions reveal, the darkness beyond hides something breaking free."

Message 02 (Oct. 13th 2020)

"Seek what lies within your grasp to find the pieces you will need. In this age, probing questions [made or risks unknown, taken soon]. Guide the others, for forces gather knowledge sought. One piece soon to be found, find the map and places too. Ruins lead to further truths. Messages receive, we watch and wait for those sent.

The description of this message contains the hashtag "#spatiotemporal" this may be usable via twitter to ask questions of other realities, requires testing.

Message 03 (Oct. 19th 2020)

"Echoes from other places and other times guide you forward, seek the answers and take the risks to save the end. Others brought together and answers provided, answers given in return. Pieces stolen and places found, IDs can be contact points too. Look within yourself for the secrets the Tower holds. The start soon comes to an end, a choice to make, a path to take, some will fall and others rise."

Message 04 (Oct. 26th 2020)

"There were many paths ahead, we ventured forth unaware of what would lie ahead. If we had to do it again, we would question everyone about everything. But soon this chapter would end and we would have to choose a path forward. One way lead to the Tower and the secrets it held, the progress that would be made and lost and made again. Simulations again and again, leading to a path but not the true secrets. Another way lead to the End of Age, the secrets stolen and out of the Center's control. But care must be had when a life on the line. A third way lead to the remaining others who were there at the start who had things but little opportunity to act. Knowledge but not knowing what to trust. The final was that of the Center, following the rabbit hole down to Phase 2. But while deeper knowledge might mean deeper truth the way forward might be for the Center's gain. Ask your questions then come together and make your choices when the Hunter rises and the others fall."

There have been no further messages via this platform since Message 04 was uploaded.

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