We received a new email from Cole Johnson:

Phase 1 Recruits,

Congratulations to working together to solve the Phase challenge.

As an update on the ETAINVESTIGATION, with your help we've been able to pin down a location in the North Pacific Ocean where the Eta Fragment might be located. A team is en route to the location to setup a research site and we will update the entry and recruits once we have more.

In the meantime, unfortunately a theft occurred at one of our research sites last week and we're still trying to ascertain the scope of the damage. You've been given access to the relevant details in the database in record GAMMATHEFT.

As a reminder, each recruit may submit *a* question for Alexander to retnec.sunretea|qaf#retnec.sunretea|qaf (Founder Asked Questions) which will be answered on our internal site. The questions so far have been answered are available on the database.

Finally, as a reminder, there's a small commemorative reward for Phase 1 Recruits. Details at ALLFORONERECRUIT. There's even a bonus challenge involved, though while it can be solved alone, working with someone else might make it easier.


which let to a new ID record:

γ Incident


Last Update: Oct. 19, 2020, 10 a.m.

Filed by: cjohnson

An incident occurred last week at one of our research sites.

An item was discovered missing from the vault at the research site and our data logs were corrupted.

We could use your help piecing together what happened.

Any information you can find out would be useful.

The logs we have recovered are available at GAMMALOGS-101520.

The Logs

The Gammalogs is a quite huge list of users entering and leaving rooms. Only the first few lines are shown below:

10/15/20 Gamma Security Logs

Record ID: GAMMALOGS-101520

Last Update: Oct. 16, 2020, midnight

Filed by: ???

Room ???:

T+00: User1348 passed the North sensor.
T+01: ??? passed the West sensor.
T+01: User1356 passed the North sensor.
T+02: User0123 passed the North sensor.
T+02: ??? passed the South sensor.
T+03: ??? passed the South sensor.
and so on

Room ???:

T+01: ??? passed the East sensor.
T+02: ??? passed the West sensor.
T+05: ??? passed the East sensor.
and so on

and much more rooms



The Map

One player gets another email which gave as another helpful Record ID: GAMMAMAP

Redacted Gamma Site Map


Last Update: Oct. 19, 2020, 5 p.m.

Filed by: cjohnson



The basic rules

Each movement of a user will trigger to sensors:
1. The one in the room he leaves
2. The one in the room he enters

Each user enters first the room "Entrance" from the north.


Room Entrance: T+00: User1348 passed the North sensor.

This means 1348 enters the entrance room

Room Entrance: T+01: ??? passed the West sensor.

The ??? is User1348 since he is the only person in this room at this time and he leaves to the west. Now we need to search for a room where at the same time someone enters from the east. Here it is the next room which we now number as "1"

Room 1: T+01: ??? passed the East sensor.

and 1348 will now be in Room 1 (West of entrance)

The rooms

One can reconstruct the layout of the rooms by following the movements of users for each time instance in a sequential way or (which is easier) by "puzzling" them together by comparing pairs (N-S, W-E) with the same times. Here the layout. Numbering as the rooms appear in the list, whereas Entrance = 0.


The Vault

Again there are two basic ways to determine which user entered the vault:
1. Follow the motions of all users from entering till leaving (takes some hours ;-))
2. Look from which room someone entered the Vault (this is faster and easier, but detected too late ;-))

Taking approach 2 there are 4 possibilities for how to enter:
Room 29 South
Room 38 East
Room 48 North
Room 55 West

Looking into the list it is clear that only Room 55 has a sensor signal to the West.

Room 55:

T+16: ??? passed the South sensor.
T+17: ??? passed the West sensor.
T+18: ??? passed the West sensor.
T+19: ??? passed the North sensor.
T+26: ??? passed the South sensor.
T+27: ??? passed the North sensor

So someone entered from the south (room 54) at T+16, entered the Vault at T+17, and left it at T+18. By backtracking one could find that this is
This led to the Karla incident

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