Game Of Deaths

A Discord channel ( by The Hunter:

Name Someone

You've been expected.

To play a game.

The aim is simple. To see who lives and who dies.

Name someone.

Cole Johnson
Oakley Smith
Val Irvin
Erol Klarson

Some people had a voice chat with The Hunter:
The rules are (as I understood ;-)

  • Choose someone who dies. If we do not chooes alll will die:
    • Cole is the Center
    • Oakley is helping those left from the start
    • Val is the End of Age, helping Finis/Frances
    • Erol is the Tower
  • Somehow connected to the Soundcloud #4
  • We did a Poll and Val lost


@The Hunter We voted, and Val Irvin is the one we choose to die.

Game of Death:

The Precursor: SUCCESS (As the time of the Hunter came, the X made a hard choice.)
The Archivist: FAILED (The X heard, but at the end the forest was empty and the question was left unanswered.)
The Explorer: UNRESOLVED (???)
The Oracle: UNRESOLVED (???)

Marked for Death:
Val Irvin

For the third, find one who knows about True Enlightenment to tell me to spare someone.
For the fourth, in the dark of the night, poison on my hand, a delivery being made, tell me how I fail.
For your hard choice, another choice for you:
- Choose the last two to die (first to be spared, second to be spared second).
- Choose the last to die (first to be spared) and a game you seek aid with.
- Choose none and the two games you seek aid with.

We do not really understand, why Precururs suceeded and Archivists failed

Spooky's choice

Spookey selected Oakley to be the first to be spared and wanted one hint for a puzzle

Game of Death updated the post:

Marked for Death:
Val Irvin

Oakley Smith

Cole Johnson
Erol Klarson

Halfway done, our game soon ends.

and additionally regarding the hint for the Game of Death directly, specifically for the Explorers:

A message was sent: "may your journeys continue further". OS intercepted it and inserted a message of their own. But even before that point, another message was already hidden beneath. Either Easter or Cotton hides the way.

The "may your journey continue further" led to the Recruit Letter Part 2

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