Fourth Tower Loop Puzzle

During our escape from The Second Tower of the Simulation Interlude Alpha we got this reply

You do so and barrel through the archway. You don't see how the stranger reacts, and you spill the remainder of the orbs out as you grab the bag.

In your haste, you slam on the computer and hit FMTC instead.

The computer displays a link, and you see a strange white space beyond the archway, you suspect understanding of one leads to an answer to the other. (

Suddenly the archway shifts again.

This time it shows a river of some sort.

Additional info from computer on The fourth Tower:

  • code for computer: FMTC —>
  • node from computer:

FMTC - Difficult, they're unlikely to get it, though maybe they'll have luck crowdsourcing. Activate the avatar to accept the first parts at least.

We immediately started working on that linked puzzle in parllel to The Third Tower


Since this puzzle was created by a third-party we will not include any spoilers for it here. (It's a very impressive puzzle that took multiple people a week to solve.)

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