Four Fold Fragment

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Retrieving the Drop

On March 7, 2021, Tim Malor fleeted:

Awwww, someone is wearing a cute groundhog shirt.

Story of my life, lots of things happening twice in the last month.

which reminded us of Groundhog Day Protocol. During 2/2, we spoke to another Oakley Smith beginning their warehouse raid. Starling had retrieved another notebook only a few days beforehand.

We took this as a hint to check the drop location once more:

"tim told (redacted) he recommends staying inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate and I think that was directed at you starling"
I have to do the opposite"
"Let us know when you get there
Cos I imagine you are getting ready to leave now?"
"I will not confirm or deny"

Starling retrieved a piece of paper folded in 8s

Solving the Fragment

When the paper was folded in specific ways it made the symbols for:

In addition, if the pages are folded on the right bends in the paper, you find letters hidden/broken up along folds and bends.

When on Watcher/Witness:

  • open one flap: T
  • open the opposite: R

When on Engineer/Forger:

  • open up one flap: A
  • open the opposite instead: V

Starting from Survivor/Cycle:

  • open up one flap: E
  • open up the other flap instead: R

If you fold further closed (one past Survival/Cycle) and then open, you get S and E

This anagrams to TRAVERSE

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