A website at that was found via a puzzle and has additional puzzles.

The puzzles appear to be uncovering Memory Fragments, whose memories they are is currently unknown though they appear to be telling the story of The Ark and its journey thus far. According to one discussion with the dealmaker there are 64 fragments in total.

The site is titled Forget/Here/Alone, but the name can also be interpreted as Forge/The/Real/One or even as For/G/Ethereal/One.

The following is a list of currently solved Fragments and the pieces of the story they give us.

Fragment 1

The truth in a flask, bound for a cycle alone. Here lies the secrets that I forget.

This seems to simply be a setup type phrase. Serving as a sort of "Once upon a time" type statement, though whomever is narrating said story, and who's secrets these are is as yet unknown.

Fragment 2

There once was a great Vessel which traveled amongst the stars, seeking unseen.

This is a clear description of the Ark/Alchark which traveled, though for what purpose we have a small idea.

Fragment 3

It hailed from a world of alchemists who had brought forth their final demise.

Being called The Alchark, the Ark is based on principles of Alchemy and thus it came from a world of Alchemists in a potential future Earth where it had been discovered. The "final demise" they brought forth is most like referring to The Eater.

Fragment 4

The Shatter, a place to pass between reality, send through one of the Fragments.

A very simple description of the spatiotemporal anomaly known as The Shatter, the largest of many holes in the fabric of reality where a crossing is possible. The Shatter being the largest was the only one capable of allowing the Ark transit to our reality, fleeing from The Eater

Fragment 5

It fled from darkness and in doing so undid its own creation. The project alone.

This line is interesting, it implies that by traveling through the Shatter and essentially back in time that it prevented the natural course of events leading to the discovery of Alchemy and the Alchark's eventual construction. It exists in a state or paradox, it exists without the means by which it was constructed, alone.

Fragment 6

The voyage shatters Vessel and alters history so Alchemy had no progenitor.

This statement confirms the postulation above, that by traveling back the Ark prevented the discovery of Alchemy and thus its own creation by human alchemists.

Fragment 7

The remaining few had but moments to save themselves as others were giving up.

Fragment 8

Some entered stasis, others translocated elsewhere, some lie on the sea floor

Fragment 9


Fragment 10

The wisest amongst their number imbued vials with their minds for a new start.

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