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The Present Day

Aug 11, 2020

I’m lost.


I’ve given my life and time to the organization. Now it turns out what I thought I knew was a lie. There’s something dark at the very roots of the company. I can’t work there with the secrets and layers that lie within. Friday was my last day.

Sometime soon they’ll discover what I’ve done, but hopefully I’ll be elsewhere before they realize what I’ve taken. Once I’ve settled down, I’ll see if I can crack open any of the files on these drives.


Going back a bit, I was a fresh college graduate just looking to join the workforce when I was approached by a recruiter for the company* to help develop models for some experiments they were hoping to run to figure out how to analyze behavioral patterns and user engagement numbers. Basically the standard social media pushes all the ancient companies were doing to stay afloat in the current environment.

It was a bit of a strange experience, getting on-boarded in an empty office. But at least the first few months were fun trying to get a handle on existing engagement efforts, reviewing previous experiments in the space. Things were always a little bit off, the entire company being fairly spread around but having these empty offices everywhere. Strange amounts of security for mundane things.


Found. Soon. Watching.

The following images where attached


The Code Solution

The letters JRRT hinted towards J.R.R. Tolkien suggesting that the runes are dwarfen runes. Roughly translates to


Still most files were unaccessible, but some he could explore (see Under Appendix I)

Research and Development

Aug 12, 2020



I’ve gathered the few possessions I can afford to take and am safe in a motel for a little bit at least, but I’ll need to find somewhere more permanent to stay. Hopefully they don’t know about my family’s cabin. Maybe I’ll stay there for a while.

In retrospect, I need help, I should’ve acquired the list of experiment participants. Though there’s no telling how many of them were plants by the organization. Hopefully figuring these drives out will be what I need to be safe.


Even the company-wide meetings were strange, with portions of the presentations being blacked out for certain classes of employees. There was a technical glitch during one of these blackout periods and I saw some slides of some sort of ancient building and renovations that were being made to it. I have no idea what that was, but it was another reason I started to dig deeper into things.

While most of the documents in the network systems were locked, there were a few backups that weren’t locked down. What I saw was disturbing. Documents with a lot of personal details for certain experiment participants. Review documents that had trade-offs between data gathering and potential fatality rates. A number of strange project names.

Just days after having seen those documents, I noticed someone following me from the office to my apartment, and even when going out in the evening runs outside. Maybe I was being paranoid. But all the conspiracy movies had me on edge.


Disaster. Time. Time. Time.

Under Appendix I

Aug 15, 2020




It took longer than it should have, but now I have access to the files. Most of them are unfortunately compressed with the center’s proprietary compression scheme, and without uncompressed copies of the files to try reverse engineering the compression, I’m at a loss of what to do.

Amongst the many useless files, there are a few gems hidden away, probably left over from before these drives were used as a backup system. No idea if they hold anything of value, but I’ll start digging through them. One of them seems to be some sort of game. Maybe I’ll find something while digging through it.


I got called into a meeting early the next day with HR and some folks from security, told in no uncertain terms that accessing documents beyond those essential for work was a fireable offence, that this was my last and only warning.

I re-evaluated.

I was still being followed.

I think I was.

Maybe I wasn’t.

Seeing the same things all over the place.

Nothing was there.

I tried to keep my head down.

They were watching.

Maybe I was seeing things.

Maybe this was all a misunderstanding.

Connections that weren’t there.

It was nothing.

There was no conspiracy.

I was making things out of nothing.

This was a normal company.

There was no weird plots.

No schemes.

I was fine.

Then, I stumbled across something under Appendix I of the Employee Handbook. Re-reading the Employee Handbook as part of our yearly review. The HR meeting frightened me, so I actually read it, probably something no one else had done. Most of the document was normal HR speak, updated every year to keep up with the latest laws and regulations. But the appendices were kept from the original versions of the documents and there was one overlooked reference deep inside Appendix I that led me down a rabbit hole…


Not yet. Soon it will begin.

Transfer of Control

Aug 26, 2020



They’re tracking me.

Asset Retrieval protocols have started.

A ‘Friend’ forwarded the following from a message to some contractors:

I need to recover it.


Projects under codenames, a reference to an eternal group.

Secrets untold.

The codename with the backups was enough to start digging.



The link leads to pictures of a dead drop (which we were not able to recover due to current situation)

Having no idea

Aug 27, 2020



Apparently the higher ups are concerned about what I have.

More contractors have been sent after me. My friend intercepted another message for another set of contractors:

I suspect they contain identical data, though intercepting both would give me more time before the contractors get on my trail.

I have no idea what to do.




The Door.

Saturn A.E.


Recruitment Efforts

Files upon files, lost and buried.


Gone. Soon.

The link lead to asnother dead drop (also not recovered by players)

A.C. interruption

Sep 2, 2020

This is … a game.

We apologize for the confusion that the author of this account has caused by failing to indicate the fictional nature of their posts.

To avoid another 1938 incident, we will be revisiting our process and guidelines with the author and will be terminating this experiment as we revisit the correct signposting needed for experiments such as this.

Everything within these posts are complete fiction, and we apologize for the confusion.



Sep 7, 2020

To clarify some misconceptions perpetuated by the author of previous posts.


A.C. is a research organization working on various initiatives relating to chemistry, machine intelligence, health, communication, and more. A.C. has been at the forefront of developments in this space for the last 50 years and continues to grow and expand. We hope to bring to market some exciting products in the coming year, though recent events has thrown some of our timelines off.


While there are a number of avenues to get involved with A.C. on this site and beyond. We think that if you've been following FinisAevum's prior posts and/or been chatting with them, you might have the traits that make you a great candidate for some of the work we've been doing.

Please comment on this post if you're interested in participating. If there is enough interest from this avenue, we'll have one of our recruitment specialists reach out with further information.

Priority 4 Candidate On-boarding: 4 Participants Required

Priority 3 Candidate On-boarding: 16 Participants Required>

Priority 2 Candidate On-boarding: 64 Participants Required

Priority 1 Candidate On-boarding: 256 Participants Required


Alternative Recruitment/On-boarding:

Seek the user UNTRACE (5341627):


Seek what lies beneath a strange scroll:


Shifted by the scroll's message:

Private message us

???? ?????? ??????


UNTRACED and the letter order 5341627 led to another reddit User "Actrune". So this is another rabbit hole leading to the Dragon Puzzle.
The faded text under the scroll reads:


using the solution of the Scroll puzzle


as a key for Vigenere

resolves to


(No idea what happened when this private message was sent)


Sep 10, 2020

Leading ot the 5-A puzzle

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