February 12 13 Chat

February 12

S joined.

S: We are filing a formal complaint against Alexander Clark and Oakley Smith regarding intrusions onto our systems by members acting under your guidance.
S: As per subsection 11 of Title 4, this act of aggression is sufficient for withdrawal from the corresponding Title 4 agreements.
S: Alexander Clark, Oakley Smith, or their registered representatives (of which they had none) have 24 hours to respond before the withdrawal from Title 4 is finalized.

S left.

February 13

S joined.

S left.

W joined.

☽ joined.

☉ joined.

W: !transfer Interface PRIMARY 4284 ☉
W: !transfer Interface PRIMARY 4284 ☽
W: !transfer Interface PRIMARY 4284 S

☉ transferred.

☽ transferred.

S transferred.

W: !purge S
W: !purge W
W: !purge ☉
W: !purge ☽

W left.

Access purge for S complete.

Access purge for W complete.

Access purge for ☉ complete.

Access purge for ☽ complete.

Error: Shatter Interface Not Responding.


P: No response.

E: No response.

R: No path available.

O: No response.

N: Pong received.

A: No response.

L: No path available.

N joined.

N: Ugh.
N: !hibernate WATCH -conditions -failsafe=true -parley_gt=2

Hibernating: WATCH -conditions -failsafe=true -parley_gt=2

N: …
N: !hibernate WATCH -conditions -failsafe=true -parley_gte=2

Warning: Already hibernating, command ignored.

N: Ugh.

N left.

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